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  • Spanish tour the 728th AMS

    Airmen of the 728th Air Mobility Squadron gave memebers of the Spanish Army a tour of a U.S. Air Force C-5m Super Galaxy and explained how they maintain the Incirlik mission.

  • Agencies integrate to fulfill European mission

    There are many factors that go into how the Airmen of Incirlik Air Base, Turkey, receive their food, household goods and supplies. Before the product is delivered to the customer, many moving parts and multiple agencies must work together seamlessly.When it comes to receiving food and cargo, the

  • 728th AMS: Rapid Global Mobility

    U.S. Air Force aircrew members of the 22nd Airlift Squadron out of Travis Air Force Base, Calif., load an Armag facility into a C-5M Super Galaxy at Incirlik Air Force Base, Turkey, March 28, 2018. This 78,000 pound, 43 foot long deployable shelter was one of three temporary armories transported

  • 728th AMS: Gatekeepers of Incirlik

    The 728th Air Mobility Squadron is the first stop for anything or anyone coming or going to the rest of the base. Like gatekeepers who stand guard at their gate, they stand at the aerial port. The 728th AMS is comprised of three different sections focusing on the passenger terminal, freight and the