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  • Incirlik AB, born and raised

    In addition to their emergency response functions, ambulatory service Airmen of the 39th Health Care Operations Squadron also transport 39th Air Base Wing patients for specialized medical care.Due to the language barrier an ambassador is needed to serve as a translator. But one Airman with the 39th

  • Air traffic specialists control flow, safety of aircraft

    “Ready for departure, runway zero-five, holding short.”“Octane five-one heavy, runway zero-five, wind calm, cleared for take-off.”The short and direct phraseology that pilots and air traffic controllers use is a unique language that is a small portion of an ATC’s responsibilities.

  • "Why"

    Perhaps the most perplexing enigma about the question “why” is this: while it is one of the most asked questions, it is also very often not answered. This is the somber concept Master Sgt. Teve Molioo, along with his former unit, wrestled with one fateful morning.

  • Tech. Sgt. Jordan Holmes: a driven woman

    “No one is going to hand you anything, you’ve got to go out and work hard for it,” said Tech. Sgt. Jordan Holmes, 39th Air Base Wing Safety occupational safety technician.

  • A chance at a brighter future

    “You’re here with me because nobody else wants you,” Master Sgt. Debbie Jackson recalled one of her relatives saying. “That line stuck with me for a very long time.”