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  • Air traffic specialists control flow, safety of aircraft

    “Ready for departure, runway zero-five, holding short.”“Octane five-one heavy, runway zero-five, wind calm, cleared for take-off.”The short and direct phraseology that pilots and air traffic controllers use is a unique language that is a small portion of an ATC’s responsibilities.

  • SFS Airmen complete annual M-9 qualifications

    39th Security Forces Squadron Defenders become trained and qualified by Combat Arms Training and Maintenance instructors on their M-9 pistol at Incirlik Air Base, Turkey, April 21, 2021.

  • SecAF visits Incirlik AB

    Secretary of the Air Force Barbara Barrett visited various U.S. facilities and met with Airmen assigned to the 39th Air Base Wing Feb. 15.She was immersed into the role and mission of the wing and the impact of the Airmen stationed here.