Chief Shadow: Staff Sgt. Chelsea Baker

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Caleb Pierce
  • 39th Air Base Wing Public Affairs
Name/rank: Staff Sgt. Chelsea Baker

Squadron: 39th Contracting Squadron

Job title: Contract Administrator

Job description and how do you contribute to the 39 ABW's mission?

Acquiring everything we use, if it is not in the 39th Logistics Readiness Squadron supply chain we buy it. If the 39th Civil Engineer Squadron can't build it, we build it. If the 39th Force Support Squadron can't get it we can get it. We touch each and every squadron on base. We work behind the scenes to grease the wheels, equipment, and serve every Airman. We are a force multiplier; our mission is to acquire what you need to execute your mission. Especially in the flight I work in, we are building up and repairing the current infrastructure all across the base. 

What is one thing you hope to accomplish while at Incirlik?

One thing that I want to accomplish here is to complete my bachelors in Project Management. I only have five courses left however, that does not mean the end is in sight. There is always another goal to accomplish, like a master's degree. 

What has been your biggest lesson learned in the Air Force? 

The biggest lesson that I have learned since being in the Air Force is how to treat other people. Really it's all about respect. There is no specific computer based training or professional military education class that discusses it but in a round-about-way, that is what I have learned. Throughout my career I have seen both good and bad, whether it be coworkers, supervisors, commanders, or other leaders, everyone has taught me the same thing, how to treat people. I've seen how good leaders have treated their troops and the same for bad leaders. I know how certain people have made me feel both positively and negatively. Understanding that makes me want to make people feel respected.

Who inspires you?

My grandpa, Fred Moore, is the person that really inspires me. He is a strong, determined individual, whose hard work and dedication really encourages me to achieve that level of purpose in my life. He is living the American dream, from a small town farm boy in Alabama, he joined the Air Force and worked hard to get to where he is today. As the patriarch of the family, I really respect him more than he will ever know.

What is your number one goal?

My number one goal in life is to raise my daughter to be the absolute best person that she can be. To let her know that she is a smart, funny and beautiful girl and that she will grow up to be an incredible woman. To teach her that she shouldn't let other people define her and that no label can stop her from achieving whatever goal that she sets for herself. She is my motivation, my drive to continue to push through another day. My goal is to be better for her to show her how she can be the best that she can be. 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years I see myself in the Air Force as a Contracting School technical school teacher. I really like to teach other people. I enjoy helping people learn something new and in turn they help me learn as well.