Life at the 'Lik: Health and Wellness Center

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Krystal Ardrey
  • 39th Air Base Wing Public Affairs
A healthy body and mind are essential parts of overall military readiness, which is why the Air Force provides Airmen and their families tools such as the Incirlik Health and Wellness Center.

According to Figen Yoksuloglu, HAWC health and administrative manager, the mission of the Incirlik HAWC is to help every individual "be informed, take action and feel better."

As part of their services, the HAWC offers a variety of health amenities such as fitness assessments, nutrition counseling and tobacco cessation courses. Furthermore, the HAWC offers other services such as an aqua massage machine, body composition assessments using the BodPod, a full service gym, running clinics and an ongoing series of health related events.

All of these services are integral to Incirlik Airmen maintaining a RUFit lifestyle, which focuses on achieving a balance and resilient life. Robert Gobble, HAWC health promotion coordinator, explained that HAWC is about enhancing the health and overall wellness of Team Incirlik.

"The framework of our health promotion programs is increasing or improving individuals' self-knowledge, lifestyle habits, social support networks and methods to manage their health better," Gobble said. "Each program we develop and implement on Incirlik addresses one or more of these goals with an overarching emphasis on maintaining and improving individual health."

According to Gobble, the center is also about inspiring people to implement a healthier lifestyle.

"We strive to encourage all people to adopt healthier lifestyle behaviors to not only improve their quality of life in the short-term, but to minimize risk of developing harmful, debilitating diseases in the future," he said.

Based on the needs of the service members, the center schedules classes focusing on safety, increased motivation and improved performance. Additionally, the running classes teach participants on how to improve their running through speed work and hill training, as well as evaluating running form.

The center also performs gait analysis on those seeking to improve their form when running. After the analysis, the HAWC staff will provide advice to members on how to correct any problems and recommend the type of running shoes the member should use.

"I have seen many people come to the HAWC to improve their workout skills," Yoksuloglu said. "We do our best to help them improve their fitness and overall health. In addition, we provide follow up sessions to check their improvements after the first session and we keep in contact with them."

Another way the HAWC offers to help Airmen stay safe while working out is by teaching the proper ways to use various pieces of gym equipment. These exercise classes are offered twice a month on the first and third Monday from 4:45 to 5:45 p.m. Moreover, the HAWC offers a fully operational gym with 12 strength training and five cardio machines, which are open from 8 a.m.  to 4 p.m. on weekdays. There are also options for members to learn more about proper workout equipment usage and the most effective ways to use them.

The HAWC is not only a resource Airmen and their families can use to get in better shape, but also a place to learn about stress management.

"We try not to let anyone who visits the HAWC leave without getting some good information, free informational pamphlets or at least relax for 10 minutes," Yoksuloglu said.

Available on a walk-in basis, the center also offers an aqua massage machine and massage chair.

According to the HAWC, receiving these massages can not only help reduce stress, it can also help boost the immune system, help promote a good night's sleep, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, encourage a state of well-being and improved self-esteem.

"The HAWC provides benefits for everyone, regardless of their health situation or health need, and we make every effort to exceed customer service expectations and to support individuals' goals of healthier lifestyles," Gobble said. "Our aim is to drive Air Force policies toward healthy workplace and home environments that support the theme 'Comprehensive Airmen Fitness.'"

To learn more about any of the options or resources the HAWC offers, call DSN: 676-8256