Ask Mehmet: Orange blossoms carnival in Adana

A bee pollinates orange blossoms April 3, 2014, Incirlik Air Base, Turkey. The 3nd annual Orange Blossom Festival will be taking place, April 4 around the “New Adana” area.

A bee pollinates orange blossoms April 3, 2014, Incirlik Air Base, Turkey. The 3nd annual Orange Blossom Festival will be taking place, April 4 around the “New Adana” area.

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Question: What is the Orange Blossoms Carnival? Why is it held?

While walking in and around Adana nowadays, you get a mild beautiful scent. You start to wonder where that awesome scent is coming from. You might guess that it's coming from a bush or tree. What is interesting though is that beautiful smell doesn't go away regardless of  the direction you walk. You think that the whole city is sprayed with that beautiful scent.

You are right, the whole Adana region is sprayed with a natural perfume-like scent, orange blossoms. That gift from nature to this region occurs in April every year and last about 3 to4 weeks. Orange, grape fruit, tangerine, lemon and all other citrus trees blossom in April.

As being one of the citrus growing centers, Adana started an 'Orange Blossoms Carnival' two years ago. It is the first and only street carnival/festival in Turkey.

With the slogan "Let's meet in Adana in April for love, peace and friendship" invitations were sent to foreign countries inviting them to attend. Finland, Germany, Romania, Montenegro and Russia have responded to the invitation so far.  With the participation of foreign countries, the carnival has become an international carnival.

The 3rd Orange Blossoms Carnival will be held on the first week of April. In addition to the locals of Adana and foreign participants, thousands of Adanaians living in other cities, TV and movie stars and many other celebrities will come to participate in the carnival and activities.

The event will feature hundreds of small and big activities and will have shows performed by local, national and foreign participants at various points and streets of Adana starting on April 1st. The most colorful and crowded activity of the festival is the carnival parade. The parade will be held on April 4 at 5 p.m. Around 50 thousand people are expected to walk through several main streets of Adana and arriving at Merkez Park, the park by the Grand Mosque alongside the River Road,) around 7 p.m.. Cukurova State Symphony Orchestra and some other musician will have open air concerts throughout the night. Foreign guests and many other groups will walk in their folkloric costumes and perform folk dances during the parade in the streets. So many companies, private and state organizations, NGOs, cultural and art groups are also taking part in the festival. Cedric Watson & Bijou Creole Blues group, sponsored by the U.S. Consulate in Adana, will have a performance April 5, at 7 p.m. at Sinasi Efendi St., parallel to Ziyapasa St. At least one activity will take place at every street, park and square in Adana during the festival. Several bands will play at various parks and squares in town. Games, plays, shows, and art and drama performances will fill the days and nights of Adana for a week.