Meet your leadership: Mr. Hampton, 39th FSS fitness and sports manager

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  • By 39th Air Base Wing Public Affairs
  • 39th Air Base Wing Public Affairs
The 39th Air Base Wing units are led by hand-picked commanders and leaders here and at geographically-separated groups and squadrons across the region. This series of features gives an inside look at those leaders and their leadership style. This feature highlights the 39th Force Support Squadron  fitness and sports manager Theodore Hampton.

Question: How long have you been in your current position and why did you decide to join 'Team Incirlik'?

Answer: I have been at my position for 19 months. I wanted to come here to enhance the quality of life for Airmen, non-comminsioned officers, officers and their dependents within the Incirlik community and also to keep Airman fit and ready to fight.

Question: What motivates you as a leader or professional in your position?

Answer: I am motivated by having the opportunity to interact with some of the most creative military and civilian personnel of all branches of the Armed Forces.

Question: What is one of your proudest achievements while here at Incirlik?

Answer: My proudest achievement was when we passed the Unit Evaluation Inspection.

Question: Is there a leader from your past that influenced you the most? If so, who, and how did they affect the way you lead?

Answer: My supervisor, when I was a young staff sergeant, had a profound affect on me. He taught me that as a leader you must understand the function and needs of the organization to develop cohesion between subordiantes. His influence guided me through my military career and I still apply the lessons he taught me to my current position.  

Question: Leaders have often faced a significant challenge or watershed moment early on in their careers that has influenced their formation as leaders. Did you have any moments like these that helped shape you into the leader you are today?

Answer: A retired officer friend gave me the knowledge to cope with challenges and incoperate my sports skills with challenges of life and learn to embrace change.

Question: What is your personal mission statement?

Answer: To be the best leader I can be and to provide insight to our future leaders in the fitness and sports career field.

Question: What values and ethics are the most important to you, and how does this influence the way you approach your job?

Answer: Integrity is most important to me. It goes hand in hand with being able to trust your people to get the job done and to allow your staff members to engage in the decision-making process.

Question: What is your strategic vision for your organization (or for your role on base), how would you like to shape it during your time here?

Answer: To ensure the customers continue to communicate their ideas to management andto improve programming and the quality of life within the Incirlik community. 
Question: How do you set an example to those around you?

Answer: By being professional, leading by example, being on time for duty and not having my staff do things I wouldn't do.

Question: What is something you would like to pass on to the members of 'Team Incirlik'?

Answer: Always remain professional and have a can do attitude... because the only thing constant is change.