Traffic safety stressed on Incirlik AB

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Jack Sanders
  • 39th Air Base Wing Public Affairs
Due to the increase of operation forces at Incirlik Air Base in support of Operation Inherent Resolve, pedestrian and vehicle traffic is at an all-time high increasing the likelihood of traffic safety incidents.

In an effort to combat the potential traffic incidents the 39th Safety office reminds members of Team Incirlik to follow the appropriate traffic safety rules and procedures, whether in a vehicle or on foot.

"It is everyone's responsibility to keep the streets of Incirlik Air Base safe," said Master Sgt. Shawanda Peterson, 39th Air Base Wing occupational safety manager.

Below are the 39th ABW Safety Office's top five tips to remaining traffic safe.

1. Distracted Driving

Staying focused on the task at hand means avoiding distractions. Distracted drivers fall prey to the temptations of cellphone, passenger distractions, eating and drinking or excessively loud music when driving. Keep eyes and mind on the task of driving to avoid potential vehicle mishaps.

2. Use a Spotter

Always use a spotter when backing a government vehicle or maneuvering in a narrow spaces with blind spots. Using a spotter reduces the risk of potential vehicle damage, as well as reducing potential personnel harm risks.

3. Safe Backing of a Vehicle

When alone and backing a vehicle ask individuals in the area for assistance. If no one is available first check the surroundings and sound the horn to indicate the intent of reversing the vehicle before backing up.

4. Speed

Obey posted speed limits. Speed limits on Incirlik AB are posted in kilometers per-hour. Ensure the vehicle remains within the posted speed in kilometers per-hour, not miles per-hour. Remember, exceeding the posted limit is dangerous for drivers, passengers and pedestrians, and could result in security forces issuing a citation.

5. Minding the Surrounding

Whether on foot or in a vehicle minding ones surrounding means avoiding complacency and paying attention. Look both ways before crossing streets, and be mindful of high foot traffic areas.

Contact the ground safety office for additional question or information about vehicle safety at 676-7233.