Chief Shadow: Staff Sgt. Ramsey Tesch

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  • By 39th Air Base Wing Public Affairs
  • 39th Air Base Wing
Name/rank: SSgt. Ramsey Tesch

Squadron: 728th Air Mobility Squadron

Job title: Unit Deployment Manager

Job description and how do you contribute to the 39 ABW's mission?

My primary duties include, unit deployment manager, unit safety monitor, unit neo representative, unit antiterrorism, and emergency management representative.  In our office we maintain more than 30 programs for the 728th AMS to ensure everyone in the squadron are ready to support the 39th Air Base Wing in any way needed. 

What is one thing you hope to accomplish while at Incirlik?

Before all of the base travel restrictions the goal was to travel and save money. Since the restrictions our main goal is saving money.

What has been your biggest lesson learned in the Air Force? 

Make sure you take control of your own career.

Who inspires you?

My family

What is your number one goal?

Right now the goal is to save money in case an ordered departure takes place.
Overall, I want to live a happy life with my wife and progress in my career.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

On my way out of the military, so it's very hard to say, but more than likely somewhere in the Midwest settling down with my wife and beautiful adopted children.