Shopping in the alley

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  • 39th Air Base Wing
Question: An Alley merchant complained to me about one of his American customers. He told me a customer ordered furniture and picked it up awhile ago. The customer was paying a certain amount each month. When the customer didn't pay for two months, my friend found out the American has PCSd, but he still owes the merchant $750. I've also heard of a few carpet and furniture merchants being faced with this same problem in the past. I'm friends with many of the merchants in the Alley and this really makes my blood boil! What should I do? How can I help?

Answer: Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention. When something like this happens the merchant should let us know immediately. They are always welcome to contact the Incirlik Village Merchants Association leadership. IVMA then contacts the base legal office, in turn the legal office contacts the Airman's gaining commander. So next time you hear of this dishonesty, try to stop it before they PCS or tell your merchant friend to call Mr.Yilmaz at the legal office 676-6800 (from off-base 316-6800). We can be better ambassadors in our host nation.