Incirlik ADC provides Airmen with zealous representation, advice

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Erica Picariello
  • 39th Air Base Wing Public Affairs
Every Airman takes an oath to uphold the Air Force's core values: Integrity first, service before self and excellence in all we do.

Sometimes Airmen might find themselves in a sticky situation where they are accused of falling short in the excellence category.

Incirlik's Area Defense Council is charged with the responsibility to defend the careers of local Airmen in situations like this, and to put them back on the path to future success.

"Even if you know what you did was wrong, we can try to mitigate some of the administrative action or at least express on paper that you are trying to correct the problem," said Staff Sgt. Lindsey Wolf, ADC defense paralegal. "It's important to come to us for something even as simple as a Letter of Counseling or a referral enlisted performance report."

Paperwork can pile up against an Airman and a rebuttal may be the difference between a discharge under honorable conditions or a under other than honorable conditions discharge, which is the most severe characterization receivable.

"Rebuttals provide your side of the story and, with administrative actions, it becomes a permanent part of the record," said Sergeant Wolf.

For example, an Article 15 could turn into a letter of reprimand just because the Airman contacted their ADC and wrote a sufficient rebuttal that the commander agrees with.

However embarrassing getting multiple letters of reprimand for "sleeping through a morning alarm" or "failing dorm inspections" may be, don't fret about disclosing the juicy facts to the ADC.

"We are here to serve the member. For one thing, I cannot disclose any client information without the client's permission. If I do, I could lose my license to practice law." said Capt. Andrew Indahl, Incirlik's ADC. "Also, the ADC doesn't fall under any chain of command on base making sure that we can't be influenced or have the perception of being influenced by anyone else."

When it comes to a military career, no problem is too small for the ADC.

"If your chain of command is seeking adverse action against you, come see the ADC," said Sergeant Wolf. "There is no problem to small for us and don't be embarrassed...we're here to help you. The worst that will happen is that we can't help but can point you in the right direction."

For more information about Incirlik's ADC, call 676-6908.