Ask Mehmet: One night in Adana

  • Published
  • By Mehmet Birbiri
  • 39th Air Base Wing Public Affairs
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I expect to be passing through Incirlik and will have one night to experience local culture. I'd like to try authentic and tasty food, as well as be able to walk to historic parts of the city and possibly even pick up a souvenir at a market. Where do you recommend visiting to get the best combination of food, attractions and shopping in one evening?

One evening is too short to truly experience local culture, try authentic and tasty food, and walk to historic and shopping districts or areas in Adana - a city with two million people and a history with more than 3,000 years.

Let me try to give you some advice about what you can do in one evening.

If it is early enough you can start with visiting the Sabanci Merkez Mosque by the river. It is the largest mosque of Turkey with a 28,500 worshiper capacity. Go inside and see its awesome structure and take lots of pictures. Women need a scarf to cover their hair. From the mosque, you will be able to see the Roman Bridge. It is 1, 800 years old- the oldest bridge in the world that is still in use. Walk on it to feel the rich history of Adana.

The most authentic part of Adana is the Big Clock area in old Adana. You will see the 500-year-old Turkish bath and the old market on both sides of the street while the Big Clock Tower is in the middle of the street. You can easily find authentic and tasty food - Adana kebap and others- at one of the restaurants in the old market. I recommend you to buy souvenirs before going to restaurant, because by the time you leave, the shops might be closed.

If you can stop by the public affairs office or call at DSN (676-6060), I can give you more details and answer any other questions you might have.