Titan U: continuously developing Airmen

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Matthew Angulo
  • 39th Air Base Wing

Short tours can seem daunting at first glance. And it may leave some thinking how they can make that year away from home productive.
The 39th Air Base Wing provides various professional and personal development courses to help make this time productive through a program called Titan University.
This program offers courses that teach time management, career progression, decoration writing and much more.
“This is your own professional development program because you design it,” said Master Sgt. Debbie Jackson, 39th ABW career assistance advisor and Titan University program director, “You take the classes that you want. If we are not providing something you need, tell us and we’ll make it happen.”
Captain Kendra Kirkland, 39th Force Support Squadron sustainment flight commander, explained the benefits of the Titan University courses she’s taken as a student of the program.
“[Titan University] gives Airmen foundational leadership competencies to help navigate throughout their Air Force career as well as their life,” said Kirkland.
“Having these skills ahead of time will benefit students within the program,” added Kirkland.
Before students begin taking courses they receive a review of their career in order to create a checklist of the most beneficial classes for them.
Jackson explained that even though these classes don’t offer college credits, these courses provide service members information they might not know they need such as record reviews.
“My records weren’t reviewed until I became a master sergeant,” said Jackson. “Had they been reviewed earlier, maybe I would’ve made some different decisions on how to go further in my career.”
Record reviews are very similar to enlisted personnel reports in the sense that students receive a review of their career progress. However, record reviews evaluate the students’ entire Air Force career; then, students are recommended courses they can take in order to work on any areas that need improvement.
While Airmen stationed here are restricted to base, there is the unique advantage of having more time to themselves than at other locations. Titan University allows Airmen to continuously develop personally and professionally for years to come.