My AF story

  • Published
  • By Incirlik Air Base's Airman Leadership School
  • Class 14-1
"Why did I choose to re-enlist in the U.S. Air force? Because I get chills every time I hear the sound of jets flying over me," said Senior Airman Briana Austin, 39th Medical Operations Squadron dental technician. "I love that sound!"

When called upon to brief their personal Air Force narrative speeches at the Incirlik Air Base Airman Leadership School, Class 14-1 had a lot to say about what makes them proud to be American Airmen - they were proud of their specialties and what they bring to the fight. Every one of them has an Air Force story to tell.

Gen. Mark A. Welsh III, U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff, stated that every Airman should be able to tell their Air Force story.

Class 14-1 is comprised of members from around Incirlik AB, including Airmen from security forces, logistics readiness, contracting, operations, maintenance, medical operations, communications, and air mobility squadrons.

In the 39th Operations Squadron, members contribute directly to the mission by separating aircraft in the air and on the ground in order to expedite the flow of traffic, and to keep aircraft away from each other and hazardous weather. They also give the position of enemy planes and issue vectors to intercept them. Members from the 39th OS are proud knowing that every plane that lands and takes off from their bases does so safely because of their contributions.

The 728th Air Mobility Squadron Airmen ensure cargo aircraft remain in good working order by completing tasks such as refueling, defueling, tire changing and assisting in major maintenance to ensure mission success. The AMS Airmen are proud that they are able to assist aircraft heading downrange with personnel and cargo at a moment's notice.

Airmen assigned to the 39th Logistics Readiness Squadron provide AMC aircraft with integral parts and maintain and issue personal protective equipment to ensure the maintainers remain safe in any environment. LRS members also maintain and account for many high dollar resources on the installation. A nation's armed forces are only as strong as their supply chain, and the LRS Airmen take great pride in ensuring these warfighters are never lacking essential supplies.

The 39th Maintenance Squadron Airmen work diligently to make it possible for the planes to have the munitions needed to carry out the mission. The common saying in the Air Force is that our overall mission is 'Bombs on Target.' The 39th MXS Airmen take great pride in knowing they are responsible for the safety and reliability of those munitions.

Also relying on the 39th Maintenance Squadron's expertise with ammunition requirements is the 39th Security Forces Squadron. Maintenance Airmen make sure the 39th SFS is equipped so they can serve effectively as military police enforcing the laws and standards. Widely known as "Defenders," the hardworking security forces Airmen are proud of their ability to defend the people, property and high value resources of the U.S. Air Force.

The safety provided by our "Defenders" makes it possible for the 39th Medical Operations Squadron to ensure all of the members on base are taken care of medically through routine exams and emergency response. The 39th MDOS Airmen also ensure the base populace remains healthy and is free from disease, disability and premature death. These Airmen are proud of the role they play in keeping all Airmen healthy, so they can continue carrying out the mission.

It must be acknowledged that Air Force operations rely heavily on network success. At the 39th Communications Squadron, Airmen ensure the network remains reliable and secure. They also verify hardware added to the network don't introduce a major vulnerability. These Airmen are aware that without their contributions, the Air Force could not execute its mission.

Additionally, all items on base must come from somewhere. That is where the 39th Contracting Squadron takes center stage. They are responsible for purchasing just about everything on this installation to include all base cleaning services and all construction, such as repairs made to the flight line. These Airmen feel a sense of pride everywhere they look around the base, as they know all that they see was coordinated, purchased, and set up with their assistance.

All of the Airmen in ALS Class 14-1 know their vital roles in contributing to the Air Force mission, and they complete these roles proudly. They are proud of what they do as part of an integrated, diverse team whose mission is much greater than themselves. They are proud of the honor to defend our country and the United States' Constitution, and proud to give back to those who made the sacrifice before them.

They are proud of the men and women who wear the uniform from which they have learned invaluable life lessons. They are proud of the entitlements they have earned from serving to include: education benefits, a better environment for them and their families, and the opportunity to become ambassadors of the United States. They are proud of the expert training they have received both personally and professionally. These Airmen take pride in wearing the uniform, being a part of the world's greatest Air Force and ensuring the mission to fly, fight and win is accomplished.

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