No 'time outs'

  • Published
  • By Col. Craig Wills
  • 39th Air Base Wing Commander
A few weeks ago the military and civilian personnel who make up "Team Incirlik" posed for a wing photo on the flightline here. Days later during a major readiness inspection, that fantastic group of people proved to themselves, the Air Force and the world that the 39th Air Base Wing is a winning organization.

If you're newly arrived or on your way in the coming weeks and months, first off let me welcome you to the greatest wing you'll ever be a part of. Second, let me say this: It will remain a winning organization because of you. Sure, the individuals who made up the team when the shutter clicked on that sunny morning of April 21 are the ones who received "excellent" ratings from the United States Air Forces in Europe Inspector General team, but you're the ones who get to continue their legacy of excellence.

Summer is the time of year we see the most turnover in the Air Force, and Incirlik AB is no exception. Because of our short tour lengths, somewhere close to 60 percent of the Airmen here today will not be here in September.

I promise you, the enemies of America don't care that many people will be learning to do their jobs here over the next few months. There are no "time outs" for those that protect our nation and advance the cause of liberty. Readiness is not optional for the 39th Air Base Wing. That means a smooth, effective transition is critical to maintaining our proficiency and war-fighting capabilities - or, in other words, a winning team.

America is counting on us to meet the challenge of the summer transition head on. Training the next generation of Team Incirlik is a mighty task, but I know our Airmen will get the job done. Thanks in advance for your dedication to our United States Air Force and the 39th Air Base Wing!