The Misadventures Airman Snuffy McDufflebag and Master Sgt. Johnny Mentor

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Oshawn Jefferson
  • 39th Air Base Wing
I had high hopes the Dallas Cowboys were on the six-yard line with less than a minute to play and for the most part all signs looked good, my Cowboys were going to tie the football game and have a chance to win it in overtime. Then Cowboys quarterback Drew Bledsoe took the snap dropped back to pass and ...... 

As Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Lito Sheppard returned an interception 102 yards in the final minute to seal the Eagles' 38-24 victory over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, I watch in awe as one person's mistake let the team down, one lapse in judgment, one act before thinking cost the team, the fans, the owner and himself the game. Isn't it funny how sometimes life can sometimes imitate art? 

After speaking with my old pal Master Sergeant Johnny Mentor, some mistakes cost you more than just a game. Well, Airman Snuffy McDufflebag was up to his old tricks again.
According to Sergeant Mentor, Snuffy and his boys Dennis "Forgets" Burntham, Jimmy "Motor Boat" Brown and Brian "Touchdown" Bender decided to go out to Cheers this past Thursday night. Sergeant Mentor said that Snuffy complained of a headache before leaving work and he suggested that he get some rest, but as usual Snuffy liked to learn the hard way. 

Anyway as the guys headed out to Cheers Brian told Dennis, Jimmy and Snuffy that he new a place in the alley where they could get some X. O.K. for those who don't know X is one of the many slang words for ecstasy. Ecstasy is a synthetic drug that usually comes in pill form and is commonly sold in dance clubs and juice bars. Ecstasy's popularity among young people has been fueled by a myth that it is a "safe" drug that is not harmful or addictive to the user. 

Jimmy and Dennis had never tried ecstasy Snuffy said he had a headache and since he didn't know what X was he didn't want to try it. 

Since ecstasy looks like aspirin and Brian didn't want Snuffy blabbing to anyone about them taking the drug. Brain told Snuffy he had got him some aspirin for his headache and Snuffy thinking Brian was being a good friend happily popped the four pills into his mouth. 

Ecstasy is similar (in nature) to other amphetamines and hallucinogens. It speeds up the nervous system and acts as a mood enhancer. Ecstasy often makes the user feel good, happy and relaxed - at least at first. Contrary to rumors, Ecstasy is not an aphrodisiac and can actually inhibit sexual performance. The taking of any drug affects people differently. Depending on size, weight, health, dosage and other drugs being used, the reaction can be mild or very severe. 

The following effects start within 20 minutes of taking X and can last for more than six hours:Increased heart rate, increased body temperature, increased blood pressure, increased confidence, nausea, anxiety, feelings of well-being (happiness, love), sweating, loss of appetite 

As the partying at Cheers began to get really fun, the X began to kick in and have vastly different affects on the four friends. 

Brian, who is an avid user of the drug, had to take13 pills to get the same high as the first time he used the drug. Taking higher doses of X will not increase the good feelings. In fact higher dosages can cause convulsions, irrational behavior, and hallucinations.
Users have reported having problems with insomnia, anxiety, paranoia, concentration and depression after taking the drug. Brian spent most of the night in bathroom at cheers crying over the fact the alligators have all them teeth and no tooth brush, "The Water Boy is right, why don't they have tooth brushes," he sobbed. 

Jimmy and Dennis were feeling pretty good they danced all over the club with glow sticks for four straight hours. Because the human body is pumping out massive amounts of serotonin while on the drug, this causes the user to sweat profusely and to lose the much needed water stored within the body. 

Combine this with excessive dancing while at a party and the body can overheat and become dehydrated. This factor is what causes many Ecstasy users to die during their use. 

Jimmy stopped and went to the bar and drank 25 waters and slipped into a coma and Dennis collapsed on the dance floor luckily neither died. Death often results from harmful overheating (hyperthermia), or from drinking too much. 

Short-term effects include psychological difficulties (confusion, depression, problems sleeping, craving, severe anxiety, and paranoia). These effects occur during use and can continue even weeks after use. Physical problems that can occur are muscle tension, involuntary teeth clenching, nausea, blurred vision, rapid eye movement, fever, chills or sweating. 

After Jimmy and Dennis were taken to the hospital, supervisors and authorities were alerted and they began to search for Snuffy and Brian. Brain was found still in the bathroom at Cheers oblivious to everything that had transpired in the club. 

Snuffy on the other hand was found naked hugging the asphalt at Arkadas Park. Yea get the visuals out of your heads it was pretty sad. 

Now, one of the last things Airman Bender hears each night is the latch of the steel door -- a constant reminder of his imprisonment for the introduction of Ecstasy onto a military installation, as well as illegal use and distribution of the drug. 

Brian admitted to slipping Snuffy the X and getting the drug for his friends. "I just honestly thought I could never get caught," he said. "The drug is usually harmless." 

Well not only was it not harmless to his friend is was extremely harmful to his Air Force career. 

Brian's actions led up to long days, gang showers, bunk beds and a forfeit of all privacy for Airman Bender. With about 12 months of confinement ahead of him before he returns to the civilian world, he had a message to his fellow Airmen. 

"I had to grow up quickly and learn the hard way," Airman Bender said. "If you make bad decisions, eventually you will get caught." 

Snuffy is in Detox and his friends Jimmy and Dennis are awaiting criminal charges of their own. 

I hope you share this information with your troops as I have with mine. Both Brian and Drew Bledsoe made a mistake that cost their team, but at least Drew has a chance to come back again and try again next week. Brian has live with the fact that his Air Force career is over and he almost killed two of his friends. I hope Snuffy had learned his lesson, but we all know his is a habitual line-stepper.