Fireworks ... the easy way

  • Published
  • By Col. "Tip" Stinnette
  • 39th Air Base Wing Commander
There are safe methods of lighting fireworks and there are dangerous ways of lighting fireworks. Two Darwin heroes were eliminated from the gene pool when they chose the later method of ignition. Generally, firecrackers are illegal in several states for this very reason. However, as most of us know, they can be purchased often by just crossing state lines. Our two intrepid heroes did just that and obtained a large quantity of firecrackers.

Their plan, which they carried out with great precision, was to connect their detonation fuses to a motorcycle battery. The two perpetrators proceeded to start the motorcycle engine. The resulting explosion could be heard from a distance of two kilometers.

How will you choose to celebrate ... safely or dangerously? Man oh' man, what a great inspection win ... over the course of the last 12 years, this is far and away the best performance on an inspection by Team Incirlik.

Let's take a brief moment to dissect Team Incirlik ... core to support, TDY to assigned, hosted to PCSed, contractors to dependents, civilians to military ... what a Team. We purposely did not recognize our individual superior performers at the inspection outbrief on Wednesday because we wanted to hammer home the point that we won this one as a Team! All that said, let me be the first to bring us back down to reality with the observation that our win does not mark an end-point, but rather it is a milestone in our mission of providing 365/24/7 constant vigilance and readiness.

In point of fact the inspection merely recertified us to continue doing our mission. So I will ask the question again, how will you choose to celebrate ... safely or dangerously?

My vote is for the safe method of lighting fireworks and celebrating. The sheer fact is we need each and every one of you every day. So however you choose to kick back this weekend, think twice before you do, evaluate the risks, and do it the easy and right way so that we can live to fight another day.

Fireworks, detonators, and motorcycle batteries are not the way to go, nor is over-consumption of alcohol, vehicles, or stupid human tricks. Be smart, be safe, and come back on Monday ready to buckle up and continue ensuring freedom's future!