Drinking is a NOT

  • Published
  • By Crusty Old Senior NCO
  • 39th Air Base Wing Public Affairs
You've heard from the 'Crusty Old Senior NCO' a time or two this past year; hear from him once more. With 25 plus years in uniform he's been a drinker. He's still a drinker but age and experience have added tone and responsibility to his drink.

You've heard the cliché - 'think before you drink' - that's easy and I'll bet 99 percent of you do just that; how about this one though - think while you drink! - this is the big challenge because I submit, the more you drink the less you think!

Drinking isn't the problem, neither is alcohol - people are the problem. There are multitudes of drinkers in the world around us and gallons of alcohol exist around us and neither of these are a problem individually or in combination for that matter.

The problem is behavior: irresponsible consumption, the person who drinks alcohol and forgets what alcohol can do to alter the human body physically and mentally doesn't think while drinking.

Do I believe drinkers set out to cause themselves and others problems - No!

Do drinkers set out to cause themselves and others problems - No!

But, Does Rapid Inebriation Numb Knowledge In Normal GIs? I'm talking about DRINKING.

Knowledge of drinking and knowledge of alcohol is everywhere! That is not the problem, everyone knows the score. Consumption to the level of inebriation is the problem and it won't lead to a good score, trust me! It leads to unacceptable behavior - period.

Think about it - (N.U.M.B.) - Not Understanding My Body! Your body is a fine-tuned detection devise, a flesh and bone computer; it can tell you in seconds that you've gone too far - listen up!

You've seen the plea - 0 - 1 - 3! Think of it this way:

Zero tolerance - one incident - three reprimands; first your squadron commander, then your group commander, then the wing commander. Remember the plea, you don't need the three!

There are more and more opportunities to drink in the next several weeks - give some thought to how you want those opportunities to enhance your celebrations. Keep in mind DWI has nothing to do with driving; DWI is 'drinking without intelligence!' Don't be labeled DWI this holiday season, use sound and responsible reason.

Enjoy your holidays and live to enjoy many more. Happy Holidays!