Working toward a common goal

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Jeffrey Antwine
  • 39th Air Base Wing command chief
I am sure that many of you have driven or walked past our ARI sortie board posted in front of the Consolidated Club and wondered about its purpose and why it's located there.

ARIs are alcohol related incidents for our many new U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Team Incirlik warriors; I often forget how quickly we turn over the population here.

The sortie board's purpose is to inform Team Incirlik members of our past performance, show our initial 50-percent reduction goal and current DIGITCON level. We also hope the in-your-face goal will serve as a last minute reminder to our Airmen around the base and those entering and departing the club to be responsible for their actions, make responsible choices and be great Wingmen as we look out for each other.

ARIs are very high interest items at Incirlik and especially so for USAFE, primarily due to the numerous injuries and lost lives, safety factors, and negative behavior associated with them. ARIs are tracked and measured at the base, numbered Air Force, and USAFE level. The 39th Air Base Wing closed out 2006 with 19 reportable ARIs, which are 19 more than we should have as Airmen ensuring freedom's future.

Our short term goal is a 50-percent ARI reduction, followed by our long term goal of virtually eliminating them. I am confident that we can, and will, achieve our initial goal primarily due to the committed men and women assigned here, as well as, the outstanding programs we have in place. Programs such as the Flight lead, Airmen Leadership School, First Term Airmen Center, Wing Eyes-On patrols, morale visits, and most importantly, supervisory involvement coupled with our responsible Airmen making great choices make this goal attainable.

An effective standard/goal has three attributes: able to be measured, someone must have the authority to establish it, and it must be attainable - we have all three so we are golden. Congratulations in advance as we work together toward our long term goal of ARI elimination.