Word from the Inspector General

  • Published
  • By Senior Master Sgt. Todd Jackson
  • 39th Air Base Wing Inspector General
As we develop into joint force warriors, it is critical that we focus on mission accomplishment, crucial job challenges and our careers. If Airmen are side tracked by other negative issues, our productivity will surely falter and injury or death could result. This is where the Inspector General can provide assistance and direction.

The wing's IG office acts as the eyes and ears of the wing commander and helps keep our Airmen mission ready. Although many believe the false perception that the IG has a negative stigma attached, we are here for the Airmen and are ready to assist in any way. Before engaging the IG, however, people need to remember to use the chain of command; this should be your first step toward solving any issue.

Not many people know that the three types of complaints that are handled by the IG office are restriction, reprisal and improper mental health evaluations.

Restriction is defined as placing boundaries or barriers upon military members who wish to communicate with Congress or inspector general.

Reprisal is defined as taking, or threatening to take, an unfavorable personnel action or withholding, or threatening to withhold, a favorable personnel action on a military member for making, or preparing a protected communication.

Improper mental health evaluations consist of being referred or committed for treatment or hospitalization without being afforded their rights outlined by Department of Defense and Air Force directives.

Another area of concern is the Fraud, Waste and Abuse Program, which is a wing special interest area.

Fraud involves intentional acts to obtain unauthorized or unlawful gain and may result in the obtaining of money, property or an advantage to which the recipient would not normally be entitled.

Waste entails the expenditure or allocation of resources significantly in excess of need. An example would be the negligent or reckless requisition of three times as much perishable produce as required. Waste does not necessarily involve an element of private use or of personal gain, but invariably signifies poor management.

Abuse involves behavior that is deficient or improper when compared with behavior that a prudent person would consider reasonable and a necessary business practice given the facts and circumstances.
For instance, one abuses a system of travel allowances by using a government travel card for items of personnel use.

Any deviations from the prescribed procedures should be reported immediately to the IG office. Complaints can be in the form of an E-mail, phone call, word document or on an AF IMT 102. Additionally, complaints can be in person or anonymous. No matter how the complaint is submitted, each complaint will be handled with unbiased resolve and as quickly as possible.

Complainants should expedite complaints so the IG staff has ample time to review the specifics of the situation. The IG Staff are by no means private investigators; they only utilize the facts that are provided by the complainant and facts provided by personnel listed as witnesses in the case to provide resolution.

No matter what the issue, if you have questions and need clarification on issues, don't hesitate to call the IG office at 676-6253 or 676-8878.