The Sound of Freedom

  • Published
  • By Col. Jeff Hanson
  • 39th Mission Support Group commander
We all talk with great pride about our Air Force, from our distinguished beginnings during WWI to our daily contributions to the Global War on Terror.

We in the Air Force family have always prided ourselves on being leaders in innovation and technology, providing first-class equipment and support for our Airmen and their families, and setting the standard for others to follow.

Jet noise, also known as the Sound of Freedom, will not be heard at Incirlik for a little over a month as we conduct much needed repairs to our runway. We have planned this operation for the past year to ensure our runway remains in top shape for continued service to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and our nation.

While we will not hear the noise of flying aircraft, our mission will continue. We have a comprehensive plan to keep our facilities operating normally.

The commissary and base exchange will still have their full selection of items, travel will still continue through the Adana Airport, 39th Services Squadron will continue to provide world class service, and mail will continue to arrive.

In short, our routines should continue normally with the only difference being that the Sound of Freedom will be missing.

While our Civil Engineers and Airfield Operations focus on the airfield, the rest of us will have the opportunity to focus on other aspects of our mission and our people. Many of us will have an opportunity to take much-deserved leave or catch up on paperwork.

Some will upgrade programs, or will enhance their professional and personal skills, and others will prepare for new arrivals or prepare for that scheduled PCS this summer.

No matter what you or your squadron focus on, remember to continue it with the dedication, commitment and pride all of you have shown over the past year making Team Incirlik respected throughout the Air Force. 

The time will go by fast and before we know it, temporary duty personnel and the aircraft will return. Use the time we have in the next month to set us up for success for the next year. Integrity, Excellence, and Service will continue to be our watch words.