Planning is cornerstone to 39 CONS aquisitions

  • Published
  • By Capt. Jamila Hodges
  • 39th Contracting Squadron director of business operation
Have you ever thought about all the items required to do your job? What is required to accomplish your mission and how does having these essential items make your job easier? Do you think you could do your job without these items or a facility to work in? 

The answer is probably "No." It would be quite difficult to accomplish the mission without the assets we use today in our offices, not to mention the office space itself. That's where the contracting career field plays a critical role: "You got it, we bought it!" The 39th Contracting Squadron is the primary source for acquiring the items needed to accomplish the mission, from contracting out services, constructing buildings to buying furniture and supplies. 

Currently, organizations across Incirlik are assessing their needs to identify unfunded requirements. Due to today's budget constraints, what was once referred to as a "wish list" has now become more of a list of unfunded necessities. As such, in this limited fiscal environment, it is now more critical for base organizations to identify and prioritize their needs. 

Once these needs are identified, the organization's budget manager prepares an acquisition requirements package to submit to the contracting office. It is imperative packages contain complete and accurate descriptions of the items required as the descriptions provided determine the products you receive. Organizations should conduct their own market research prior to submitting their package to contracting. 

This market research should at a minimum describe the size, color, and dimensions of the product and identify if there are sources for the desired requirements. It is vital to the acquisition timeline to determine whether or not the product you are purchasing is available in Turkey. 

If the product is not readily available in Turkey, there are additional approvals required for the purchase. These additional requirements may significantly impact the timeline of the procurement in regards to delivery and performance. 

Most items must go through customs and, even if delivered via military transportation, require Turkish Diplomatic Approval. For construction projects, host nation approval is required. These approvals can take up to six weeks, so customers should plan accordingly. 

Advance planning is the cornerstone of a smooth acquisition process. I urge all organizations to put in the necessary forethought when preparing packages for end of fiscal year requirements, and consider circumstances unique to this location. 

The 39 CONS goal is to ensure customers can complete their mission by getting the right items at the right time and at the best value for the government. 

The 39 CONS stands ready to assist customers through this process. "You send it, we'll spend it!"