Critical Days of Summer are here again

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Shawn Rice
  • 39th Air Base Wing Ground Safety Manager
The Critical Days of Summer run now through Sept. 4. Anyone who has been around the Air Force for any length of time has heard of this annual program; but some people still ask what it is and why we have it.

The Critical Days of Summer program is an intense safety campaign strongly supported by Chief of Staff of the Air Force Gen. Norton Schwartz. Although the Air Force maintains a vigorous safety posture throughout the year, summer-month, off-duty activities pose high risks to Airmen. It is only logical that we increase our efforts to promote safety awareness and a culture of safety during the summer season.

With involvement at all levels, this can be the safest summer ever.

The location of Incirlik brings several chances for base members to enjoy the Mediterranean coast, but we urge swimmers to do so with caution. Riptides, a strong current in a body of water caused by high winds, remain a hazard to even the strongest swimmers.

A strong riptide can drag a swimmer away from the shore quickly and can lead to drowning due to fatigue from fighting the current. Safety officials urge a person caught in a rip current to stay calm and swim parallel to the shore. Floating with the tide until it loses strength is the safest way to make it back to the shore.

Heed all warnings at beach areas. Keep close watch for signs that may read "Dikkat ediniz," which means be careful. Be aware of all small children and animals while enjoying a day at the beach.

Over the next fifteen weeks, commanders, functional managers, supervisors, unit safety representatives and the safety staff on base will highlight safety issues both of local interest and from across the Air Force. These topics will help keep you and your family aware of what hazards exist and ways to avoid having your summer ruined by an unnecessary injury.

Our goal is to keep everyone safe!

The key to summer safety is to apply the principles of risk management in your on- and off-duty activities. Don't take unnecessary risks. Instead mitigate the hazards around you.
From all of us at the 39th Air Base Wing Safety Office, have a safe and enjoyable summer!