Road Rules: Incirlik

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  • By 39th Air Base Wing Safety Office
  • 39th Air Base Wing Safety Office
Daylight hours are getting shorter and shorter; and as darkness falls, walkers, runners and bikers around base become harder to see.

The 39th Air Base Wing Safety Office wants to remind base personnel to exercise caution while driving, walking or jogging to avoid pedestrian-vehicle mishaps.

Reduced daylight hours bring new hazards that are normally not encountered during the summertime for pedestrians on base. While running early in the morning, at night or even at dusk, consider wearing brightly colored clothing or reflective gear to increase visibility.

Base policy requires motorists to stop for pedestrians at designated crosswalks and for vehicles designated to load and unload passengers when their warning lights are flashing, including Turkish military buses and vans.

Drivers must exercise caution at all times to ensure the safety of pedestrians at crosswalks and other areas. They should also obey the posted speed limit signs, avoid distractions while driving and anticipate the unexpected such as a pedestrian or biker crossing your path in congested areas where it can be difficult to see.

Pedestrians should make sure to use good judgment when crossing a street so that they are doing so safely. Many times, the pedestrian is at fault by crossing at unsafe places. No matter who is right or wrong, basic physics says that the pedestrian will more than likely suffer serious injury.

Additionally, pedestrians should be mindful that crosswalks are the safest place to cross roads.

Stop and look both ways before darting across the street. When crossing a street or walking in highly congested areas, always be cautious of the traffic environment. Never assume traffic will stop. When crossing, wait until the vehicles have come to a complete stop before stepping off the curb.

For questions or concerns about other safety issues, contact the 39th Air Base Wing Safety Office at 676-7233.