FSS Airmen keep operations in full swing

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Ciara Gosier
  • 39th Air Base Wing Public Affairs

(This feature is part of the "Lights Out" series. These stories focus on the operations Airmen conducted at Incirlik Air Base during the eight day commercial power outage in July 2016.)

With the responsibility of maintaining a portion of the quality of life here, U.S. Air Force Airmen assigned to the 39th Force Support Squadron keep operations going now, much like before the recent Turkish military’s coup attempt.

The dining facilities here impact mission accomplishment nutritionally.

Patrick Guthrie, 39th FSS assistant dining facility manager, who has been here more than six years, was here during some changes in food service.

“When Operation Inherent Resolve started, our demand increased,” says Guthrie. “We went from serving 1600 meals daily to 3200 along with the opening of another facility.”

Increased demand requires increased quantities of subsistence.

“We have a month and a half’s worth of food in our inventory,” he said. “90,000 meals, ready to eat included in that.”

A little over a year ago, the DFAC only employed just over 80 Turkish nationals. Today, that number has more than doubled.

Airman 1st Class Jordan Eaden, 39th FSS fitness specialist, was one of 10 Airmen from throughout FSS to augment the DFAC during the coup.

“It was a little chaotic in the beginning,” he said. “But we eventually got a flow and system going that worked, and we worked.”

Eaden said he worked 11 days straight and 12 hours per day, that’s when his dedication to the Air Force core values were tested.

“I didn’t have any me time but that’s when I thought beyond me,” said Eaden. “I had to remember the importance of the value…service before self.”

For a short period during the coup, the DFAC staff was without electricity, while being tasked with making sure people were fed.

1,000 box meals were prepared per day, working only from generator-supplied power.

Guthrie knows that the most important factor overall, are the people.

“Airmen, Soldiers, Marines… they are who are here and are needed to be able to complete the mission,” said Guthrie. “If they can’t eat, they can’t fight.”