39th Air Base Wing stands up new contingency center

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Essence Myricks
  • 39th Air Base Wing

The Airmen of the 39th Logistics Readiness Squadron recently stood up a new contingency center, here, at no cost to the 39th Air Base Wing. The Titan Contingency Center was established in a building that was previously not being utilized until a team of innovative Airmen had the opportunity to repurpose it.

They were able to utilize local equipment and manpower that was either sourced from other units or found in-house, such as water filtration systems, lockers, cables, and phones to stand up the facility.

A number of different squadrons all pitched in to make this idea a success.

“My role primarily was coordinating with different squadrons and organizations to get assets such as monitors, non-classified internet protocol router network, and secret internet protocol router network moved into the building and to get the building cleaned up,” said Senior Airman Lucero, 39th LRS air transportation specialist and lead Airman of the team. “The civil engineering squadron, operations support squadron, communications squadron, and force support squadron helped us get the building operational”.

In total, it took about 45 days to complete this project and get the building to an operational state. Now that the center is up and running, it is ready to support various missions and increase Incirlik’s ability to support agile combat employment.

Staff Sgt. Kei Wu, 39th LRS wing deployments non-commissioned officer in charge, was the NCO responsible for assembling the team and guiding the Airmen in the right direction.

“Trying to showcase that Incirlik is the ‘base to ACE’, is the biggest message that we’re pushing out,” said Wu. “Not only can we support contingency operations, but we also have a bug out location for our team”.

The building serves as a clean, well equipped, space for deployed units to use while they are here to aid in accomplishing their mission.

“Knowing when missions are coming in and what all they need assisted in the development of the center and made it a success,” said Lucero.

Defending NATO’s southern flank is the mission here at Incirlik Air Base and this contingency center elevates the capability to execute that.