Munitions flight completes 100% tri-annual inventory

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Alexis Sandoval
  • 39th Air Base Wing Public Affairs

The 39th Maintenance Squadron munitions flight completed a tri-annual 100 percent ammunitions inventory, here, Feb. 8th. 

The 39th MXS munitions flight is responsible for accounting for all munitions utilized and stored by 13 units within Türkiye.

“Our squadron’s mission is to provide safe, secure, effective maintenance in support of U.S. and NATO interests,” said Lt. Col. Brandi Hamada, 39th MXS commander. “This includes taking pride in ensuring the accountability and serviceability of assets that are used daily to defend NATO’s Southern Flank.”

Staff Sgt. Cornelius Ijezie, 39th MXS senior munitions inspector, explained that the purpose of the munitions inventory is to record accountability of all items within the 39th MXS database. Inventories are also held to ensure everything is marked and housed according to Air Force regulations and comply with the Defense and Economic Cooperation Agreement, or DECA.

DECA is a bilateral agreement between the U.S. and government of Türkiye to further support the 39th Air Base Wing mission of defending NATO’s southern flank through deterrence and contingency support. In that agreement, there are guidelines referring to the number of munitions we are permitted to hold and the upkeep of facilities to remain compliant.

“We take our responsibility to be good stewards of government resources and effective partners with Türkiye very seriously,” Hamada said. “Our munitions flight has developed and cultivated a relationship with the local host nation customs office to ensure we are transparent and committed to abiding by the DECA.”

Performing regular inventories also ensures the munitions accounted for are serviceable and suitable for training and base defense.

“Our flight supports the 39th Weapons Systems Support Group, 39th Civil Engineer Squadron’s explosive ordnance disposal flight, and the two geographically separated units,” said Ijezie. “We house and issue out the munitions used for base defense, qualifications, and training.”

A major challenge that the munitions flight face is importing and exporting munitions through customs, as well as the transportation of munitions to the geographically separated units. 

“Working diligently with our Turkish counterparts over the last year has allowed us here at Incirlik to not only learn the proper procedures for documenting munitions movements, imports, and exports but to become proficient with the processes to ensure we maintain good relationships and strong partnerships.” said Staff Sgt. Jordan Green, 39th MXS munitions systems section chief. “We have been more than grateful for the help received from the TDA office and we look forward to the continued collaboration moving forward.”

The munitions flight's efforts ensure the 39th ABW maintains its readiness, reliability, and responsiveness, while also strengthening the partnership with our Turkish hosts. 

“I am extremely proud of the munitions flight; they maintain the strictest standards of stockpile stewardship and adherence to our DECA requirements,” Hamada said. “They’ve inspected and exported 10 aircraft pallets and expedited the processing of 80 shipments, successfully clearing a six-year backlog from Operation Inherent Resolve.”