39th MDG conducts ‘Ready Eagle’ mission readiness exercise

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Jenna A. Bond

The 39th Medical Group conducted a mass casualty exercise, named “Ready Eagle” here Oct. 12.

The purpose of the exercise was to focus on patient care in a contaminated environment.

The 39th MDG cared for patients at the incident scene, provided transport, decontaminated simulated casualties, and provided the exercise patients with clinical care.

“Every team in the medical group has a role to play in this exercise,” said Adam Christmann, an emergency preparedness associate and the exercise lead. “They learn where the gaps are, where they run out of resources, and at what point they are short on personnel.”

For the exercise scenario, Airmen were exposed to a simulated chemical environment – one that they could potentially endure during a real-world scenario.

“The ‘Ready Eagle’ exercise helps us prepare to operate in a mass casualty and chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear environment to take care of large numbers of patients who could be anywhere from critically injured to walking around on their own,” said Lt. Col. Stanley Grogian, 39th Operational Medical Readiness Squadron commander and 39th MDG chief nurse.

This exercise tested not only the 39th MDG's expertise but also their crucial role in safeguarding the health and wellbeing of their patients.

“These exercises help us prepare just because it’s not something we do everyday,” said Staff Sgt. Barrett Nelson, a medical administrator assigned to the 39th OMRS. “So this exercise really helps us refine our skills of patient tracking, which sounds really simple but in the mayhem of a mass casualty, it wouldn’t be simple or easy. This helps us get an idea of what it would actually be like.”

“Ready Eagle” is a service-wide exercise and helps bridge continuity gaps that may occur on 12-month tours.

“If you’ve been at any location for longer than two years you’ve been through a ‘Ready Eagle,’ so that continuity comes from a bigger picture with this exercise,” said Grogian.

Christmann explained that regardless of the challenges faced by high personnel turnover, the 39th MDG had high marks and positive attitudes throughout the exercise.

“They did outstanding, they did just what I would have liked them to do,” said Grogian.

This exercise ultimately reaffirms the invaluable role the 39th MDG plays in safeguarding the health and safety of their patients, instilling confidence and gratitude around the base.