Titan's Refuge Builds Community and Partnerships at Incirlik

  • Published
  • By by Senior Airman Essence Myricks
  • 39th ABW PA

Incirlik Air Base, Türkiye - Staring out at a new base can be confusing and maybe even a little lonely. For Airmen getting their footing here at Incirlik comes with its own special challenges, but the Titan’s Refuge may be able to offer some help.

The Titan’s Refuge, maintained by the 39th Air Base Wing chapel team and located across the road from The Sultan's Inn dining facility, is a place for service members to connect with each other in a space that is free of substance use. They offer daily services such as games like air hockey, pool, and ping pong, but also larger events like the overnight cartoon lockdown.

“The purpose of the cartoon lockdown is to create a sense of belonging,” said Captain Renny Cherian, Titan Refuge officer in charge, chaplain. “Where Airmen from all over the world, now stationed in a remote location for a year away from family, away from everything familiar that they knew. Our goal is that they come here as strangers but leave as friends or family.”

The Titan’s Refuge used cartoons to bring people together and created a space for strangers to connect.

The chaplain went on to explain how the cartoon lockdown was a way to recreate a memory from an earlier time in life. A time during childhood where the only worry was missing your favorite cartoon on Saturday morning and using this to create bonds and cultivate a sense of community.

The refuge and all of its events are run by a group of volunteers who are dedicated to keeping it a space that is free from the weight of rank and that is available to all service members on base, to include our North Atlantic Treaty Organization partners.

This is not the only event offered at the refuge. They also have monthly events such as Taco Tuesday and Smash Bro’s Tournament free for all service members.

“It's kind of nice seeing how this is a place of bonding“, said Senior Airman Allen Sanchez, team lead. “It's an awesome experience, it's the only place on base that I've seen where I can hang out with the Spanish Patriot Unit and get to know a little about them or even the Turkish Air Force, I get to learn about their culture and language. Everyone can come together and find that common ground and connection.”

In addition to the events, the refuge has five Oculus Quest headsets, 10 gaming consoles, 100+ board games, poker and pool tables, a retro gaming station, massage chairs, free slushes, and soon-to-be golf simulator. All resiliency building equipment is available and free to Airmen.

Whether Airmen are looking to make some new friends, take it easy with some cartoons, or just blow off some steam, the Titan’s Refuge has exactly what Airmen need.

If Airmen wish to join a gaming community or would like to volunteer, they are welcome to join chapel game sessions at 10:30 a.m. Sunday or to contact the Chapel at 676-6441.

For more information on all the Titans Refuge has to offer, visit them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TitansRefugeMinistryCenter