IDS: Key to successful vehicle shipment

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Brian Jones
  • 39th Air Base Wing Public Affairs
While Turkish customs regulations can seem quite complex, especially when it comes to shipping vehicles, working with Incirlik's Delta Shipping representative can ensure that transporting a vehicle in or out of Turkey isn't your most memorable Incirlik experience. 

The key to a successful vehicle shipment, according to Nazim Isik, Incirlik's Delta Shipping representative, is to stay in contact with his office. 

"The most important thing (especially for inbound vehicle shipments) is to keep in touch," said Mr. Isik. "Get in touch with the Delta office as soon as possible to start the paperwork." 

Once a member's vehicle has arrived at Incirlik, they will be notified by phone or e-mail. People can also track their vehicle's shipment at
Once a vehicle is in Turkey, the owner must do the following: 

-- Provide the Delta office with four copies of PCS and red-stamped NATO orders and complete an Inbound Vehicle Information form and Import beyanname package.
-- Pick up a vehicle registration application at the security forces pass and ID office.
-- Once notified by Delta, return to the office to pick up the beyanname form and schedule a vehicle pick up date.
-- Take the beyanname, two passport-sized photos, completed vehicle registration application, proof of insurance and appropriate fees to pass and ID.
-- Bring the Vehicle Inspection and Shipping Form (provided when the vehicle was shipped), identification, the vehicle registration from pass and ID and any Powers of Attorney to the Vehicle Processing Center to pick up the vehicle
Time is particularly of the essence when it comes time to ship vehicles out of Turkey. Starting the process late can lead to delays in departure, according to Mr. Isik.
The process begins when members receive their hard copy orders. Once orders are received, the owner must do the following:
-- Take the original import beyanname and make a copy of both the front and back.
-- Provide the original import beyanname to pass and ID and pick up a deregistration receipt.
-- Bring the deregistration receipt, a copy of the import beyanname, five copies of PCS orders, a copy of the DEROS extension letter (if applicable), a copy of the vehicle registration, and personal identification to the Delta office 

After these steps are completed, Delta will schedule a vehicle turn-in appointment. The vehicle turn-in date must be at least ten duty days from the member's port call to allow for sufficient time for deregistration and customs inspections. 

While the amount of paperwork and time required to ship a vehicle may seem cumbersome, keeping in contact with the Delta Shipping representative can keep members and their cars from being delayed en route to their next duty location.