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AAFES fuel coupons

INCIRLIK AIR BASE, Turkey -- The fuel coupons provided by the Army and Air Force Exchange Service will expire Dec. 31, and can be returned for a refund through January. In 2007, fuel will be available from AAFES for use at Petrol Ofisi or PO gas stations only if your vehicle has an electronic fuel device installed. Fuel coupons will no longer be available. The EFD is a small chip, attached by a metal ring to the nozzle of a vehicle's gas tank. It electronically sends a signal to the PO fuel tanks authorizing tax free fuel and records the amount of fuel purchased. That information is fed to the owner's Military Star card and billed. Once the device is installed, cash or credit cards won't be necessary to fuel vehicles off base.

To get the EFD, base members must have a Military Star card and complete and file an EFD application. Applications must be received by AAFES, through its customer service counter in the Base Exchange by the deadline in order to have the EFD installed before January. The deadline for the initial group of applications is Dec. 15. Without the device, you will have to purchase fuel on the economy outside of Incirlik AB.
Once the EFD is prepared, AAFES will contact the applicant for an appointment for installation. Vehicles with applications received by the deadline should have EFD installed done before January. With upcoming holidays, if applications are not received by AAFES by the deadline it may not be possible to get the EFD installed before January.

Applications will be processed and EFDs programmed in the order in which they are received. Submitting applications after the deadline will increase the chance of purchasing fuel on the economy while awaiting processing and installation of the EFD. Installations will be periodic, and may not always be done on base.

After the EFD is installed, gas tanks can be filled at PO stations and the member's Military Star card will be charged automatically. If the EFD is removed from your vehicle for any reason, the EFD will be automatically disabled.

Frequently asked questions:

Should I use the EFD system?
Each member should determine if they want the EFD installed in their vehicle. Take into account the following facts:
- The cost of fuel. Fuel costs under the EFD will be tied to the AAFES pump prices. Prices will fluctuate to some degree as the sales prices are reset based on market conditions at the first of each month. Currently AAFES fuel pump prices are $0.74 per liter or $2.84 per gallon for unleaded and $0.72 per liter or $2.75 per gallon for diesel. While final selling prices are not set for January, the above list is a good indication of prices.

For those who have no EFD installed, you will have to pay market price for fuel. Currently PO charges approximately $1.89 per liter or $7.20 per gallon.

- The fees and credit issues. Determine if you can or should apply for the Military Star card. For those with credit problems that prevent them from getting a Military Star card online, AAFES will assist them on a case by case basis. If you fall into this category, please see Stephen Hills, Base Exchange managers, at the BX for more information.

If you apply for the EFD you will be consenting to the following fees:
- $35 EFD and installation fee to have the device fitted to your vehicle.
- $20 early removal fee, if you have the unit removed before Jan. 1, 2008.
- $20 damage fee if the EFD is returned with any damage.
- $150 fee for non-return of the EFD.

Please note that this contract has already been negotiated and we have no ability to renegotiate these fees. However, you should also note that due to the average savings of $4.36 per gallon (on unleaded purchased from the EFD as opposed to the market price), you could recoup the costs of installation and removal after using only 13 gallons of gas.

- How long will you be in Turkey and how often do you drive in Turkey. We still do not have a good idea of how long it will take from the time a customer submits their application to the time the EFD will be installed. Similarly, we do not yet know how long it will take to schedule an appointment to get the EFD removed. So, if you drive rarely or have only three to four months left in your tour, it may not be worth the time and effort to schedule an appointment to install and then later remove the EFD before your car is shipped. Note again if you forget to get your EFD removed, you already consented to a $150 penalty in your application. At Incirlik, proof of removal of the EFD will be mandatory to outprocess. Also, if you do not have a car in Turkey, you do not need to apply for an EFD.

How does the application process work?
1. If you don't already have one, you need a Military Star account. When fill up at the gas tank your account will automatically be billed. This will not work with a credit card of your choice. You may apply easily online at www.aafes.com.

2. Complete the EFD Application. You will need to fill out the EFD application, which will be posted on the Source.

3. Get Pass and ID Verification. Take your application to Pass and ID so they can validate information on the EFD application. Primarily, Pass and ID will verify your eligibility for tax-free gasoline and exchange privileges, your ration card number, and your ownership of the vehicle you wish to have the EFD installed on. You will need to bring your black vehicle registration book, your ration card, and your ID to Pass and ID.

4. Take your application, with the Pass and ID section complete to the Customer Service desk at the BX for completion. AAFES will verify the validity of your Military Star account and take your vehicle information off the application and send it to PO. Please note, however, the Shoppette cannot process your application and will not accept them. Also note you will need your completed application for installation of your EFD.

5. PO - EFD Programming. Once AAFES sends the vehicle information to PO, PO will then verifiy with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the vehicles are properly registered to eligible U.S. personnel. Once this is verified, PO will program an EFD for each applicant's vehicle and contact AAFES when they are ready for installation. PO estimates four to five days from receipt of the data at Petrol Ofisi and the availability of the EFD for installation.

6. EFD Installation. AAFES will contact you to schedule an installation appointment when the chip is ready. We will most likely have the contractor come to Incirlik for installation. Remember, you will need to take your application with you to your appointment. After it is installed you should monitor your Military Star card and ensure that only the proper fees are being charged to your account for installation and fuel purchases. Report problems to Mr. Hills.

7. Removal. As you outprocess through Pass and ID, you will be required to show that your EFD has been removed as your vehicle is de-registered. Failure to show proof of removal of the EFD may delay the shipment of your POV and your outprocessing. You will need to call for an appointment for the contractor to remove the EFD, to avoid the $150 non-return fee.

If you have questions regarding the Military Star Card or the application process please take advantage of the online assistance at the above AAFES Web site or contact customer service at the BX.