CDC sees results with interactive learning program

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Jeff Nevison
  • 39th Air Base Wing Public Affairs
The 39th Services Squadron's Child Development Center is utilizing the Creative Expressions through Cognitive Development program to teach Incirlik's three-to-five year-old children.

The program uses a 'creative curriculum' or syllabus with lesson based on the needs and interests of the CDC's pre-schoolers, exposing them to a variety of what Bonita Jones, CDC director, calls developmental centers.

According to Ms. Jones, the developmental centers are language, science, math, dramatic play and fine motor skills.

"We also implement different ethnic activities as we have children from a variety of backgrounds," she said.

Tyrone Dukes, CDC lead room technician or "head pre-school teacher" employs the program's techniques on a daily basis.

"I observe the children playing and interacting, which is crucial as it allows me to come up with activities which deal directly with the children's interests," he said. "By working within their interests, the children seem to learn and respond quicker."

One example of working within the pre-schoolers' interests is using music as a teaching tool.

"Parents are often amazed that their three year-old can recite the months of the year, but since most children love music , it's the perfect tool for learning," he said.

Along with working within the children's interests, the CDC instructors attempt to foster team work between the children.

"We teach the older children to repeat what they've learned to the younger children," said Mr. Dukes." Eventually we begin to see signs of independence."

The CDC instructors are not the only Incirlik group to notice the program's positive effect.

"Parents seem to be impressed [with the Creative Expressions through Cognitive Development Program] and the methods we use to teach, particularly in the areas of language and socialization," said Ms. Jones.

Anyone wishing to visit the CDC or speak to an instructor may call 676-6553.