Fitness Center Renovation

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  • By 39th Public Affairs

Team Titan members who frequent the fitness centers on base have likely noticed renovations to the facilities. These renovations will not only enhance the infrastructure and increase safety, but will also ensure all three fitness centers are used to their fullest extent.


Due to overcrowding in the Titan Fitness Center, the 39th Force Support Squadron and 39th Civil Engineer Squadron began rebalancing the three fitness centers on base.


While all three fitness centers will offer cardio and weights, the Larger than Life Fitness Center will inherit some of the Titan Fitness Center’s functional fitness equipment to include rigging. This was mainly due to spacing; however, it aids in the Air Force’s initiative to establish career field-specific fitness by ensuring there is a variety of options available to train.


“Our goal is to provide three fitness centers that meet the needs of all of our customers,” said Maj. Mary Hossier, 39th FSS operations officer. “Our new setup will offer our customers the space and equipment they need to meet their individual functional goals and stay fit to fight.”


Larger Than Life 

Under Ccnstruction: 18 April – 20 May (projected)

Remaining Equipment: Free weights (cable machine, squat rack, incline bench, decline bench, flat bench, preacher curl), functional fitness equipment, cardio equipment

Removed: Nautilus equipment

Hours: 24/7, functional fitness equipment will only be closed during class hours


Titan Fitness Center

Removed: Functional fitness rigging