39th ABW welcomes new commander

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  • 39th Air Base Wing Public Affairs

Col. Britt Hurst took command of the 39th Air Base Wing from Col. David Eaglin during a change of command ceremony, July 10, 2018 at Incirlik Air Base, Turkey.


Lt. Gen. Richard Clark, 3rd Air Force commander, presided over the change of command ceremony where Airmen, Turkish Air Force members, mission partners and local civic leaders attended to show their support.


Clark opened the ceremony by honoring the 39th Air Base Wing Airmen, praising Eaglin’s unwavering support to the mission and his confidence in Hurst’s leadership as the new commander.


“This event is all about your commitment and your sacrifice as Incirlik Airmen,” said Clark. “I get to see firsthand how all of you live up to your motto, “Larger than life,” which is all about committing to your purpose as American Airmen. Everything you accomplish is bigger than yourself, and I have been inspired by watching the members of your team work for a higher cause under Colonel Eaglin’s phenomenal leadership.


After his speech, Clark decorated Eaglin for his outstanding service as the wing commander and opened the floor for Eaglin’s parting remarks.


“Thank you Titans for an incredible year. Honestly, there’s been a part of me that never wanted this day to come,” said Eaglin. “I really enjoyed being a part of the 39th Air Base Wing team; it was incredible to watch each of you build a culture of cooperation, partnership and friendship while overcoming challenges with strength and dignity.”


Clark then presided over the passing of the guidon to Hurst, solidifying his confidence in Hurst as the new commander.


“I assure you we have found the ideal officer for the 39th Air Base Wing,” said Clark. “Colonel Britt Hurst, he is a warrior through and through who will stand on the shoulders of Titans to fortify the critical mission here.”


In his new position, Hurst addressed those in attendance, thanking them for their support and committing himself to the standard of excellence those in the room already display on a daily basis.


“Most importantly, thank you Titans for being highly successful at your job. I can’t wait to serve with you,” said Hurst. “Let’s get at it.”