Contingency defenders aid 39th SFS

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Kirby Turbak
  • 39 Air Base Wing Public Affairs

In addition to the permanent party members stationed at Incirlik Air Base, deployed members are sent to help fill crucial positions in the Security Force Squadron.

Deployers, also known as contingency members, often are assigned to monitor the base perimeter and flightline.

“We are the first line of defense,” said U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Bailey Bertheaud, 39th Security Forces contingency member. “With us guarding the outside of the base Security Forces members stationed here can handle all the law enforcement, we are supporting them and allowing them to do their job with more ease.”

The defenders work alongside Turkish Air Force counterparts at numerous watch towers to oversee the base’s fence line, as well as Humvee patrols along the perimeter 24 hours a day.

The patrols are performed to detect things out of the ordinary, as well as suspicious behavior outside the installation, outside surveillance of the base and other possible dangers.

On the flightline, contingency members check IDs and vehicles. Ensuring only authorized members are allowed helps keep our flightline assets safe and secure.

 “Contingency defenders play a vital role in the 39th Air Base Wing mission,” said U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Christian Navarro, 39th SFS Contingency Operation superintendent. “Not only are they charged to defend the base and keep a sharp watch. They are also charged with the most unique mission in the wing. Our defenders work side by side with our host nation counterparts and strengthen the bonds and partnership each and every day.”

Whether working around the perimeter or on the flightline, Defenders live and work 24/7 by their motto, “Defensor Fortis” meaning “Defenders of the Force.”