In-service recruiter goes global

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Devon Montgomery
  • In-service recruiting for USAFE

For active-duty Air Force members separating from within the U.S. Air Forces in Europe Area of Responsibility, they may find it difficult discovering part-time work stateside. Luckily for them, they have local representatives to help them with the transition. Enter Senior Master Sgt. Julie Boekers, Air Force Reserve Recruiting flight chief, and Master Sgt. Devon Montgomery, In-Service Recruiter for USAFE.

Montgomery is based out of Aviano Air Base, Italy, but he assists active-duty members throughout USAFE by reviewing their unique options in the Reserve after they leave full time service, whether it be flexible participation in the Individual Mobilized Augmentee program or looking at options to retrain.

“Palace Front allows for a seamless transition to the Reserve, so members who decide to separate from active duty can continue receiving valuable benefits which could help them greatly on the civilian side” said Boekers. “And Montgomery can assist any Air Force member within Italy, Sicily, Turkey, Lajes Field, and even deployed members from those sites.”

One of the most valuable resources available to part-time service members and their families is the ability to get low cost health coverage through Tricare Reserve Select. 

“Unless the prior service member has a full time job or some other avenue to get health coverage then they may find themselves paying out of pocket for hospital visits,” said Montgomery. “That’s why it is imperative separating active-duty members consider the need to be covered and research their specific options in order to avoid putting themselves in a financial bind. Tricare Reserve can help separating members avoid costly medical bills at a very low cost.”

It’s a great backup plan as well. Aside from the one weekend each month, Reserve members frequently seek to serve more than the minimum participation. “For someone going to school full time this would be a great option between the spring and fall semesters,” said Boekers. “We always have the option to perform more than the minimum requirements, which is nice.”

For more information on part time options in the Air Force Reserve, contact Montgomery at 632-4919.