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  • Every Airman a part of the fight – special thank you to 3rd Air Force Communicators

    Every Airman within 3rd Air Force plays a critical role in executing the Air Force's overall mission, taking the fight to the adversary. The individual contributions of each individual Airman is the determining factor between mission success or failure. As 3rd Air Force Commander Lt. Gen. Philip Breedlove and I travel throughout the European
  • Take Courage - Get Involved

    I recently had the opportunity to represent the wing at the Air Force's first Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Senior Leaders Summit. While there I heard firsthand the Air Force's position on sexual assault from the Secretary and Chief of Staff of the Air Force: We will not tolerate it. What struck me most in those two days of
  • STRIPES: a vision of leadership

    When I first assumed my responsibilities as the 425th Air Base Group superintendent, I wondered what would be the best way to introduce myself to the enlisted men and women of the group. After some considerable thought, and a few deftly placed prayers, it finally struck me. The best way I could introduce myself to the exceptional Airmen assigned to
  • When the time comes, have “you” made yourself promotable?

    Whether a new Airman or senior master sergeant, it is important to understand what it takes to reach your Air Force goals. One of the most misunderstood systems is the senior and chief master sergeant board-score portion of the Weighted Airman Promotion System. I was lucky enough to have some very good senior non-commissioned officer mentors in my
  • Saluting: A courteous exchange of greetings

    Being the proud mother I am, I tell everyone my son is a second lieutenant. Usually, officers respond with, "What's that like having to salute your son?" and enlisted members ask, "Chief, do you HAVE to salute your son?" Hmmm, since the salute is steeped in military customs and courtesy, and is probably the most widely known courtesy of all, what's
  • Information assurance protects our network

    Information Assurance has been high on the agenda lately. Our wing Information Assurance Awareness Day was a great success and I thank you for attending the discussion sessions at the consolidated club. Rather than repeat the same information you already heard, I'd like to focus on one particular threat to network security: antivirus protection.
  • Helping those who need a shoulder to cry on

    According to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network Web site, one in six women and one in 33 men will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. In the United States alone, there is a sexual assault every two minutes. Most of these assaults are not reported. I recently went through the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program's Victim
  • 10 minutes ‘til freedom

    Glasses starting in the sixth grade, contacts in high school and more than 15 years of dependence on both. Ten minutes staring at a laser reversed all that; that's all it took to see clearly. The journey of sight has taken me different places over the past 15 years, but the path to seeing clearly without assistance was a road travelled in less than
  • Our CDC rocks!

    You may have heard the great things the Incirlik Child Development Center has been doing the last eight months. If not, let me give you a quick rundown. Since June, our CDC has opened five new rooms and has added 72 more children into their program. That's a 138 percent increase! Some of you may be thinking, what's the significance of that? Isn't
  • Rocks and bubble gum

    The other day I had someone in my office who said, "I feel overwhelmed. Things just seem to be coming at me from all sides." It reminded me of how I felt in school at the beginning of each semester. I would take a look at the syllabus and think, "There is no way I can accomplish all this in just four months!" So, I told my Airman the same thing I