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  • Basic values!

    Making a difference in today's world starts with you! It doesn't matter if you are an airman basic, general officer, retiree or family member. It starts from a simple desire to treat people the way you would like to be treated. It's as easy as actions like sharing, putting things back where you found them, saying you're sorry, picking up a piece of
  • The best thing to do with your sleeve

    With flu season just around the corner, and all the recent hysteria with the H1N1 flu outbreak, I thought it was an appropriate time to discuss cough etiquette and hand washing. Each time you cough or sneeze, you send millions of germs into the atmosphere. Coughs and sneezes spread diseases! Yikes, you do not want to be the one who single-handedly
  • Air Force culture of responsibility

    As Airmen, we have taken a solemn vow to serve and protect our nation, and I commend you for your service. With that service, however, comes great responsibility and the necessity to make proper choices. We are confronted every day with choices, both on and off-duty, that can and do impact both the mission and perception by others of our Air Force
  • Change: Something to think about

    I've often been asked about my experiences over 20 years of service and how our Air Force has changed. Although I could easily take on a host of issues, today I'm feeling sentimental ... mostly about my core competency as a Transportation Officer. With the advent of the Logistics Readiness Officer career field some eight years ago, combining
  • Starting at Yes

    It's show time at the 39th Air Base Wing. Our upcoming inspection is the opportunity we've been waiting for to showcase our talents after multiple exercises and countless man-hours of preparation and practice. We are razor sharp and ready to execute. At this point, the only thing to add is a little faith -- something to believe in. I believe in
  • Four golden rules of leadership

    Ask any leader and I'm sure they have a leadership book or philosophy that's impacted who they are as a leader. I've read a lot of different ones throughout my career, but while there are many principles or "rules" I think help make an effective leader, these four are some of the most common and most important. They are gleaned from a book entitled
  • Interdependence an integral part of mission

    Last week, Americans across the globe celebrated the 233rd anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The 39th Force Support Squadron put together a full day of activities that ended with a great fireworks show for all to enjoy. They deserve our thanks and kudos. But I'm not here to discuss independence; rather, I am going to
  • Sexual assault: Prevention is key

    It's often been heard, "Air Force training in sexual assault prevention is overdone." We get it. However, if sexual assault prevention training is taught too much, why do we still have to respond to sexual assaults? Is it because we must continually try to change assaulters? The fact is everyone has the ability to avoid the mistake of assaulting
  • Speak up, make your healthcare safer

    Know your healthcare. You and your family members are key to making your health care safe by being an active, involved and informed member of your health care team. Research shows patients who take part in decisions about their own health care are likely to get better faster. To help prevent health care mistakes, speak up. Speak up if you have
  • Dealing with change

    The subject of handling change in policy or procedures from a leadership perspective has been a subject all of us have dealt with or will deal with at some point in our careers. I've been in the Air Force for quite a few years now, and I've had the opportunity to witness many changes in our service. From the uniforms we wear to the physical