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Default Air Force Logo Leadership Lessons from the Red Baron
Most Airmen know Manfred von Richthofen as the Red Baron and the man who shot down over 80 Allied aircraft in World War I--the leading ace from all nations in the "War to end all Wars". Most don't realize that he was also a tremendous squadron commander and leader of warriors. The short version of his leadership biography is that he took command of
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Default Air Force Logo Fit, focused and fighting for what’s right – legally speaking
All members of the 39th Air Base Wing should be fit, focused and fighting for what's right, and your legal office is here to help make that happen. Being fit for duty extends well beyond physical fitness. In the legal context, all Airmen should have their personal affairs in order so they can be prepared to deploy at a moment's notice and to
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Default Air Force Logo Travelers insurance: important for military members and families
One of the advantages of being in the military is the opportunity to travel and see the world. My family and I were stationed in Japan before we came to Turkey. During our stay we enjoyed the rich culture and traditions of the Japanese which included great food, historic sites and of course, shopping. My family and I were able to visit Tokyo, Mt.
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Default Air Force Logo Inspire others
It is more difficult than ever to keep our Airmen and families motivated in today's high operational environment. We expect more from our Airmen at work and more from our families at home and in school. Everyday presents a new challenge with less people, less funding and an ever growing to-do list. As Airmen we have to struggle with juggling all of
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Default Air Force Logo Commander ‘reflects’ on safety
This is not just another reflective belt commentary. I'm not going to debate if it's a good idea or not to join the Facebook "I Hate Reflective Belts" group (It's probably not, but they do have some funny photos). Nor am I going to discuss the wisdom of your supervisor downrange who wrote you a letter of reprimand for not wearing your belt on the
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Default Air Force Logo Fun facts for Valentine's Day
By now I am sure you have all bought your favorite someone that special Valentine's Day card or gift. After all, it is the most celebrated holiday on the calendar. This day alone brings in $14 billion annually! Yes, 180 million red roses will be bought, and 36 million heart shaped boxes of candy will be sold. And even though most of the chocolate
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Default Air Force Logo So you want to be a first sergeant?
So You Want To Be a First Sergeant?Leader, mentor, advisor, enforcer and counselor - these are just a few words that describe a first sergeant. Think you're ready to join the ranks of elite senior non-commissioned officers in a challenging career field of hand-picked, high-speed professionals? What does a first sergeant do?According to Air Force
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Default Air Force Logo My New Year's Resolution? A sense of perspective
My family and I travelled over the holidays. As we were boarding a flight at a relatively remote location, my daughter dropped the last bit of her ice cream cone in a trash bin. She noticed a little old lady going through that same trash bin eating anything she could find, to include the last bit of my daughter's ice cream cone. In contrast to that
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Default Air Force Logo Key principles to help you win in 2010
Like many of you, I enjoyed the college football bowl games that occurred over the past week. Each team that competed had winning seasons, and you can believe that none of them became successful by accident. The coaches and staff of these teams did more than hope for success; as a wise man once told me, "hope is not a plan." These leaders spent
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Default Air Force Logo The Time of Year for the Air Force Family
The Air Force has proclaimed this year, from July 2009 to July 2010, to be the Year of the Air Force Family. It's a great idea that emphasizes the importance of families to the success of the Air Force mission, and it also gives us a chance to see all the great programs and opportunities available for families throughout the Air Force. As I've come
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