Services club card puts power into Airmen's hands

INCIRLIK AIR BASE, Turkey -- Air Force Club Members get additional buying power on base. The newest addition to the Military Free Cash program includes Base Commissaries in the two-point category program designed specifically for Club members. What does that mean to you the Club Member? It means for each dollar in purchases on your card made in all Services activities, Commissary and the Base Exchange with the exception of gas purchases which earn one point you get two points.

Club Membership benefits are not new to Air Force Clubs. These benefits give our members added value in being a Club member and they really do pay off. In 2004 Air Force Clubs launched its Military Free Cash Program. This "cash back" points program offers Air Force Club Members points for every dollar in purchases made on their club membership card in all Services activities and Base Exchanges. All purchases made off base are on a one point per dollar-spent basis. Points generated can be redeemed for cash or for gift cards to major merchants.

"Here in the USAFE Command we are seeing a 47% usage of this program and I really feel it is that our customers are not hearing the news about the program says Maili Peters the Chief for Business Operations at HQ USAFE Services. Of course our goal is to see 100% utilization of the program but we know it will take time to generate awareness of this awesome program to our members I myself recently experienced the benefits simply by calling the toll free number on the back of my club card and requesting the money be sent to me. I know the program works for our customers and I want them to know about it. It took only three days for the check to arrive in the mail. It really did feel like I was just given free cash"!

This one of a-kind program was designed specifically for our members and is the 'standard' offer made to all new club members. Not only is the program a terrific value, it's absolutely free. Let's review the Military Free Cash benefits, you earn 1 point for every dollar in purchases off base, get 2 points for every dollar in purchases in all Services activities, the Commissary, and the Base Exchange, redeem your points as soon as you reach 2,500. You choose from either a $25 check, or a $25 gift certificate from a wide variety of world-class merchants. The points you earn accumulate automatically and are tallied on your monthly billing statement. Remember now Commissary and the Base Exchange pay back two points. Points are good for a full two years and there is no yearly program fee.

For more information on Military Free Cash, or other exclusive offers for Air Force Club Members, stop by your local club today. Club Membership Pays!