The 'lik' jumps on internet express with Incirlik Now

INCIRLIK AIR BASE, Turkey -- News, according to Dictionary.Com, is a report of a recent event; intelligence, or information ... the key word being recent. The 39th Air Base Wing Public Affairs Office has given the members of Team Incirlik news at their finger tips. Now at the touch of a button base members can see up-to-date Incirlik news. 

The brainchild of Staff Sgt. Oshawn Jefferson and Senior Airman Tim Beckham, accompanied with the irrefutable efforts of Capt. Denise Burnham, 1st Lt. Rose Richeson, Tech. Sgt. Brian Jones and Senior Airman Patrice Clarke, the Web site, aptly named Incirlik Now, was born with all the top news stories, photos and commentaries for the day. 

"This idea has been around for years, but during the Lebanon Relief effort here it was clear that we had to have a news vehicle to carry timely, topical and current information to the public," said Sergeant Jefferson, 39th ABW public affairs chief of internal information. "I've been in public affairs for more than 10 years. With weekly publications at every base, every time we have a pertinent news story our readers don't get to read it until seven to eight days later and that is not a way to get timely information to our fellow Airmen. With this new product we can give news to them now." 

For younger Airmen in the career field this is a welcome change from putting out a weekly publication. 

"This initiative is a great idea and an awesome tool for base commanders," said Senior Airman Tim Beckham, 39th ABW airman in charge of internal information, "It's great that we can cover a basketball game on a Tuesday night and have the stories and photos online the next morning." 

Since Incirlik Now went live Oct. 20 the public affairs staff has been able to cover events such as quarterly awards, Red Ribbon Week and the 39th Services Squadron Eubanks visit, as well as other community events. 

"I am amazed at the outstanding efforts of our whole public affairs staff," said Tech. Sgt. Brian Jones, 39th ABW public affairs noncommissioned officer in charge. "As public affairs professionals we are in charge of telling the Team Incirlik story. Incirlik Now will allow us to tell the story in a timely manner." 

The Tip of the Sword, the great newspaper that is printed every Friday here will be transitioning to Incirlik Express a four-page newsletter. The paper will slowly transform from 12 pages in November to eight pages in December and ultimately four pages in January with a sneak peak of the newsletter Dec. 22. The four-page all-color product will hit the streets in January. This product will meet the needs of those without computer access or those who are computer challenged. Incirlik Express will offer a primer on each of the stories that appeared in Incirlik Now throughout the week as well as important command messages and information. 

"Incirlik Now is a product that benefits everyone," said Lieutenant Richeson, 39th ABW public affairs chief. "Not only does it save the Air Force money, but our writers now have time to expand on issues that matter to Team Incirlik." 

The combination of Incirlik Now and Incirlik Express rise to standards of today's commercial media by providing information quickly and conveniently, while leveraging current and future technology. 

"I have been told that Team Incirlik is once again leading the way in the Air Force with this initiative," said Col. "Tip" Stinnette, 39th ABW commander. "This product gives the leadership the opportunity to get hard hitting messages out in real time instead of a week later."