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  • Safety paramount world-wide

    Explosive site plans, weapons programs, hazardous cargo operations and munitions inspections sound like the job make up of explosive ordnance disposal technicians, security forces or munitions personnel. Safety experts are not always credited with the successes of these programs; however, they play a key role in securing the safety of all military
  • Big losers hit Incirlik

    It's never good to be called a loser but the Incirlik Health and Wellness Center is making the biggest losers winners. Beginning Jan. 7, the HAWC will be sponsoring the Incirlik Biggest Loser competition for the second year. "The idea behind the Biggest Loser competition is to get base members motivated to lose weight in a healthy way," said Staff
  • The Misadventures of Airman Snuffy McDufflebag

    Can you believe it is about to be 2007. Wow in 2007 my wife and I will celebrate 10 years of marriage, my oldest child turns eight, despite their struggles my Dallas Cowboys have a chance to go to the Super Bowl, I find out where (or if) I am PCSing (or not) and I go on my fifth remote assignment. Yea! For most of us this week is when we announce
  • Making your way through Incirlik Now

    The Tip of the Sword has gotten a facelift and now the Incirlik community gets news at their finger tips. At first glance the Incirlik Now Web site can seem a bit busy and overwhelming, but with this simple guide seeing "Our News, Our Stories, Today" is as easy as clicking a button. Since the Web site is a public site, this guide can assist your
  • CAOC Six, TuAF work side-by-side

    U.S. Forces work side-by-side with counterparts from around the world performing missions vital to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. This is especially true at the Combined Air Operations Center Six, which is located in Eskisehir, Turkey. CAOC Six is a subordinate Command and Control Center of NATO's Allied Air Forces Southern Europe. It
  • Incirlik artists have artwork chosen for AF showcase

    Eight Team Incirlik members proved they had an eye for the arts when their artwork was chosen from hundreds to be showcased Air Force wide. "On November 7 at the Consolidated Club, the Arts and Crafts Center sponsored a base-wide photo and arts and crafts showcase," said Laurel Edgar, Arts and Crafts Center director. "There were 73 outstanding
  • Tanker Bufe re-opens

    Tanker Bufe-café in the Turkish housing has gotten a face-lift and reopened as a café-pastry shop to serve base populace, Turkish and American. It is open between 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, including weekends and holidays. The cafe offers a variety of cakes, cookies, Turkish pastries and traditional Turkish sweets like baklava and kadayif. The cafe
  • Holiday force protection risk reminder

    This holiday season we must continue to balance our celebration with our force protection risks. Many personnel are traveling over the holidays while others stay closer to home. In either case, we must ensure complacency does not take the place of common sense and good force protection practices. We ask all U.S. Air Forces in Europe personnel and
  • AFN brings one more channel to the line up

    If you're surfing through the channels tonight you might notice something a little different ... and I am not talking about Frosty the Snowman (which plays tonight on AFN/Family at 9 p.m.). Members of Team Incirlik now have one more channel to surf. Base members can now view AFN/Prime Freedom on channel 12. AFN/Prime Freedom shows the same
  • Services holiday hours

    Following are the hours of operation for 39th Services Squadron activities for the holidays. All activities are open normal operating hours unless otherwise noted below.The Consolidated Club - Closed Dec. 24, 25 and Jan. 1. Open Dec. 26 and for the New Year's Eve Bash and Brunch on Dec. 31. Magic Carpet Bowling - Closed Jan. 1 - 3. Hodja Lakes Golf