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  • Team Incirlik members selected to senior

    Congratulations to the 12 Team Incirlik members selected for promotion to senior master sergeant. They are: Jerry Phillips, 39th Communications Squadron Dwana Moore, 39th Logistics Readiness Squadron Leslie Thomas, 39th Security Forces Squadron Brett Rogers, 39th Civil Engineer Squadron Phillip Gui, 39th Services Squadron Jeffrey McWaine, 39th
  • Four 'Lik' officers selected for Lt. Col.

    Congratulations to the four Team Incirlik majors selected for promotion to lieutenant colonel. They are: Maj. Clifford Altizer, 39th Logistics Readiness SquadronMaj. Bryan Gillespie, 39th Security Forces SquadronMaj. Charles Simmons, 39th Air Base Wing Maj. Kenneth Speidel, 39th Maintenance Squadron
  • EOD troops a different breed

    Explosive Ordinance Disposal troops put their lives out on the line because of the job that they do. EOD runs into a building, shelter, or area that has a suspect package or bomb while the rest of the population is running out. This kind of job isn't something that everyone can do. It takes a different kind of person to do it.EOD Airmen set
  • Keep safety in mind for UCI

    With the unit compliance inspection less than two months away, the entire 39th Air Base Wing is cracking down in preparation to receive the coveted "Outstanding" rating. Base members should remember that while doing all that preparation, not to let the most important thing slip ... safety. "As we prepare, I only hope we don't overlook the obvious -
  • Nonjudicial punishment for December

    During the month of December, the following nonjudicial punishment actions under Article 15 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, were imposed on members of Team Incirlik: An airman first class with the 39th Security Forces Squadron was reduced in rank to airman and restricted to base for 60 days for failure to go and drunkenness which
  • Processing claims streaming online

    The Air Force Judge Advocate General's Corps is consolidating the processing of certain claims -- commonly known as personal claims -- at a single location in Dayton, Ohio. These claims involve loss or damage during shipment of household goods and privately owned vehicles as well as during storage at government expense. Loss or damage to personal
  • A look at the mission from the backseat of an F-16

    An Airman is the Air Force's most valuable asset. Without the Airman, the mission cannot be completed. But how often does an Airman see how his part in the Air Force affects the mission? Three Incirlik Airmen were selected to experience the mission first-hand by flying in the back seat of an F-16.These flights "provide deserving Airmen a glimpse
  • Rotational squadron deployment jets leave Incirlik

    Incirlik had not heard the sound of rotational squadron deployment F-16s taking off for more than 16 years. That all changed when the first fighting falcons arrived here Jan. 8 from the 52nd Fighter Wing at Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany. Incirlik welcomed the 22nd and 23rd Fighter Squadrons and Turkey provided them with beautiful weather and
  • Program changes due to daylight saving time

    For the first time ever, the United States is changing to Daylight Saving Time (DST) several weeks before the rest of the world. The U.S. springs forward an hour on March 11, 2007. However, Europe doesn't switch until March 25.Sports fans should take special note that during this two week period, all live shows on radio and television will air an