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  • U.S. bases transfer control to TuAF

    The last of Tactical Air Command's F-100s departed Incirlik in the early 1970s when F-4s from units in Germany relieved them for about six months (click here to learn more about Incirlik's Rotational Squadron Deployments in the 1960s). During the break, the 401st Tactical Fighter Wing converted to F-4s and resumed rotations after the break. The
  • Airmen helping Airmen

    Service before self is a core value that one of the Airman Leadership School classes put a lot of hard work and effort into. The class organized a fun run dedicated to the troops currently serving downrange. They decided, though, that a dedicated run was just not enough; so the class set up camp the next day in front of the BX and collected
  • Airmen have several commissioning sources

    Captain Cassandra Antwine knew she wanted to become an officer even before she completed technical school. And 13 years later she fulfilled that aspiration. As a technical sergeant, Antwine was selected for the Officer Training School and was commissioned a year later."It's not something you do overnight," said Captain Antwine, aerial port
  • 'Lik' kicks off sexual assault prevention

    Did you know sexual assault is the most under-reported crime in the military and American society? Although we encourage victims to report all incidents of sexual assault to law enforcement, victims frequently do not because of concerns regarding a lack of privacy, stigma, shame, fear of being reduced in the eye's of one's commander or colleagues,
  • Put the brakes on speeding

    Many base members have recently been channeling their inner NASCAR driver and been ignoring speed limits on base. Base members be advised, this is not Talladega and you are not Ricky Bobby."Most instances we see are on A and E Street, especially on the way to the golf course," said Master Sgt. Joel Davis, 39th Security Forces Squadron
  • Let your pride show

    Excessive pride is one of the classic seven deadly sins. But in our run-up to the UCI, showing the right amount of pride is an essential part of ensuring you and the entire wing do well in the inspection.Take pride in your job, and let it show. You are the expert in what you do, so make sure the inspectors see that. Don't wait for the IG to ask
  • Airmen make the grade

    The U.S. Air Forces in Europe band's Clarinet Quartet made the grade at Incirlik High School with their performance for the Music in Schools program , but it was their teaching that really scored them high points with the students.Senior and clarinet player, Rachel Rinehart, explained that the quartet's music was not only inspirational, but gave
  • Sentence Approved in U.S. vs. Jones

    Lt. Gen. Robert Bishop, 3rd Air Force commander and General-Court Martial Convening Authority for Incirlik, took action in the case of U.S. v. Airman Steven L. Jones March 1.Airman Jones was tried by general-court martial here from Oct. 6 to 24. A panel of members found Airman Jones guilty of failure to go, forcible sodomy, indecent acts, writing
  • 39th SFS wins at Air Force level

    Defenders: Lock and Load!The 39th Security Forces Squadron has won the title of the Best Large Security Forces Squadron in the Air Force for 2006. The award encompasses nearly every duty position security forces performs -- not only securing Incirlik Air Base, but also being involved within its community."On average, this squadron has more younger