Incirlik History

The U.S. Engineering Group began construction of the base located approximately 250 miles southeast of Ankara, Turkey, in the spring of 1951. The U.S. Air Force initially planned to use the base as an emergency staging and recovery site for medium and heavy bombers. The Turkish General Staff and the U.S. Air Force signed a joint use agreement for the new base in December 1954. Fact Sheet


Turks are very proud of their history and the founder of their country, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. They show a great respect to Ataturk's name, pictures and statues. Do not act disrespectfully to Ataturk's name, pictures or statues, including Turkish money, which has Ataturk's picture on it. Fact Sheet

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At the beginning of the 12th century the Byzantines built a supplementary castle on a small island. This castle was later called "Maidens Castle" because it was told that a king held his daughter here in captivity until she was killed by a venomous snake. Local Sites 11/22
Turkey! Where is Turkey? Most Americans know little or nothing about this mysterious country before the Air Force sends them here. One of the greatest benefits of an Air Force career is the opportunity to experience new cultures. It is also true, however, that one of the greatest challenges of an Air Force career is adjusting to new cultures. Local Culture 11/22