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  • AAFES and Commissary Information

    AAFESIncirlik AAFES websiteMain ExchangeBldg. 3595322-316-6764 322-316-6937 Mon-Sat 0900-2000 Sun 1000-2000 COMMISSARYIncirlik Commissary websiteBldg. 877322-316-6855Mon CLOSEDTue-Fri 1000-1900Sat-Sun 0900-1800
  • Ataturk: Father of modern Turkey

    Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is the revered founder of the Republic of Turkey and is the centerpiece of the republic's history. The name Ataturk means father of the Turks and is a title conferred to him by the Turkish National Assembly. His name, statues and image should be treated with respect. Eighty-three years after he came to power and 68 years after
  • Action Lines

    The Action Line program allows members of Team Incirlik to voice any concerns they may have and receive a response relating to the concern while remaining anonymous. When the public affairs office receives an Action Line it will be forwarded to the appropriate squadron or agency for response. It takes approximately ten duty days to edit a response
  • Adana, Turkey

    One of the largest and most dynamic cities in Turkey and situated thirty kilometres (nineteen miles) inland, Adana is the gateway to the Cilician plain, now known as the Çukurova plain, the large stretch of flat and fertile land which lies to the south-east of the Taurus Mountains. This is possibly the most productive area in this part of the

Incirlik History

The U.S. Engineering Group began construction of the base located approximately 250 miles southeast of Ankara, Turkey, in the spring of 1951. The U.S. Air Force initially planned to use the base as an emergency staging and recovery site for medium and heavy bombers. The Turkish General Staff and the U.S. Air Force signed a joint use agreement for the new base in December 1954. Fact Sheet


Turks are very proud of their history and the founder of their country, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. They show a great respect to Ataturk's name, pictures and statues. Do not act disrespectfully to Ataturk's name, pictures or statues, including Turkish money, which has Ataturk's picture on it. Fact Sheet

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