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Action Lines

The Action Line program allows members of Team Incirlik to voice any concerns they may have and receive a response relating to the concern while remaining anonymous.

When the public affairs office receives an Action Line it will be forwarded to the appropriate squadron or agency for response. It takes approximately ten duty days to edit a response to an Action Line, unless mission-needs dictate otherwise; in which case the complainant will be notified.

The squadron commander, or a designated subject-matter expert on the concern, will address the solution to the problem and/or clarify and correct procedures.

After the concern has been edited, the 39th Air Base Wing commander will review the response. If the commander agrees with the response, he will approve it and public affairs will send a reply to the concerned individual.

If a concern and its response affect a large percentage of the base populace, then the Action Line will be printed in a future issue of the Incirlik Express and on the Incirlik Now website.

How to submit an Action Line:

The public affairs office accepts Action Line submissions via e-mail at incirlik.ActionLine@us.af.mil or hand-delivered to the 39th ABW/PA mail distribution box in the 39th Air Base Wing Command Section of Bldg 833. Please allow at least five duty days for a response from the 39th ABW Commander.

To submit an Action Line, send concerns to

To check the status of an Action Line, call 676-6060.