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Due to concerns about black marketing, most high value items are strictly controlled on your entry into Turkey by Turkish Customs. Their concern is that items can be brought into the country and sold on the local economy avoiding import controls. Therefore, when you bring your household goods into the country, many high value items will be itemized on a form to ensure you also take these exact items out of the country with you when you depart. This form is the Beyanname. Items that will be listed on this form must depart Turkey with you even if they break while here. You must keep them to take out of the country.

The Beyanname will be filled out when your goods are delivered in Turkey and it requires strict attention to detail. Good preparation before your move will make this process much easier. Ensure that you have exact serial numbers listed on boxes and on your inventories so when the Beyanname is filled out it will have accurate information, which will simplify your departure when it is time to leave Turkey.

Items that will generally be listed on your Beyanname are large items or electrical items such as television sets, stereos, videos, computers, etc. Failure to follow proper procedures when completing the Beyanname can result in large fines when departing Incirlik at the end of your tour. For a current list of Beyanname items, ask your sponsor or contact the TMO office.

The in-processing section of this booklet contains additional information on Beyanname. Make sure you read it thoroughly as well prior to receiving your household goods shipment.

The TMO office and the Turkish Liaison Customs Office are both located in Building 833. TMO can be contacted at DSN 314-676-6847. The Turkish Liaison Customs Office may be reached at DSN 314-676-6847.