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Household Goods

Housing at Incirlik is small so you need to think about what you will bring
before packing day. Square footage tends to be limited and you will have a
carport instead of a garage. Talk with your sponsor before you decide to
bring a lot of furniture or your home woodshop...otherwise, you may find
that you do not have the space required when you arrive. Kitchens are both
110v and 220v, so all your small appliances will work. Be sure to ship a
telephone and microwave, because these items are not always available at the BX.

Household goods Shipments

Mode/Method of Shipment:

- Household goods will be packaged/wrapped/tagged inside your home, then
loaded into wooden containers for overseas moves or loaded in a truck for
CONUS moves.

- It will be shipped by surface mode, in almost every instance which will
take about 60 to 90 days of transit time.

- You will be contacted by a transportation service provider (TSP) once your
shipment has been booked. You will discuss with the TSP the date and time of
your pack and pickup days.

Excess Cost: It is your responsibility to reimburse the government for any
excess cost incurred by your shipment(s). You will be required to pay excess

- If you exceed your authorized weight allowance, either on your PCS or
temporary weight allowances.

- If you choose to ship to other than an authorized place and it costs more
to do so.

- If you request special services such as special routing, special loading,
or any other services not provided under ordinary rates.

- If you request more than one household goods shipment from the same point
of origin to the same point of destination.

- If you ship unauthorized articles in a shipment which are discovered after

- If you or your agent are not at the scheduled pickup or delivery address
when movers arrive.

Unauthorized Items and Disposal of Useless Items:

- Hazardous, or corrosive, or flammable materials, ammunition, building
materials, or items not belonging to you or your dependents, or items or
products for your own private business are not authorized for shipment.
Propane gas tanks are unauthorized in your shipment.

- For lawn mower, you must not only drain the fuel but the oil as well.

Professional Books, Papers, and Equipment(PBP&E - also known as "PRO-GEAR"):
These are items required to perform your official duties such as:

- Reference books

- Papers and material, instruments, tools and equipment

- Specialized clothing such as diving suits, flying suits, band uniforms
(exclude regular uniforms)

- MARS equipment: You must certify that you are an active MARS member and
all equipment qualifies for MARS use.

- Exclude items that will not be used at next or some future assignment
(exception: retirees and most separates).

- Separate your professional gear from the rest of your household goods, so
that they may be packed, weighed and marked separately, and listed as
professional books, paper and equipment on your inventory.

- Your weight allowance will not include the weight of your professional

Unaccompanied Baggage:

Unaccompanied baggage is shipped airfreight to Turkey. Typically your
unaccompanied baggage will be available to you within 35 to 60 days of
shipment. Check with your transportation office for your authorized weight
allowance and ensure that your baggage is under that weight. Overweight
unaccompanied baggage may not be able to be shipped via air, therefore
increasing shipment time. Also keep in mind that the weight of your
unaccompanied shipment is part of your Household goods weight entitlement.

Recommended Items to Pack in Unaccompanied Baggage:

. Cleaning supplies
. Linens, blankets & towels
. Next season's clothes
. Military items & professional items (not uniforms or paperwork)
. Tools
. TV & Blu Ray/DVD Player/Gaming System 
. Desk lamps
. Alarm clock

Postal/Mail Shipments

Mailing items to yourself is also an option. Contact your origin
transportation office for information and authorization to do so. In order
to be reimbursed for your postal shipment, you must have a DD form 2278 from
your origin transportation office and all receipts with weights as well as
prices of the postal shipment.

Incirlik's Personal Property Shipping Office is located in BLDG 281 rm 220
and can be reached at DSN 314-676-6038/comm. 90-322-316-6038 or email
For more information or to register for a DPS account, check out