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Federal Vacancies
The Civilian Personnel Section maintains current vacancy information on
http://www.39fss.com/cps.html. It also provides information on U.S. APF
personnel employment, a Military Spouse Preference Fact Sheet, and other useful information.

Questions or concerns should be directed to the civilian personnel center at your current location. If you are currently employed by the federal
government, you will need to bring a copy of your most recent SF50 and any Leave without Pay paperwork from your losing agency. All potential
applicants should have an updated Career Resume with them. An additional source of information for spouses moving overseas and seeking employment is Air Force pamphlet 36-213, Employment Information for Families Being Assigned to Overseas Areas. This pamphlet focuses on the processes and policies for employment as a family member.

Military spouse and family member preference provides priority in the
employment selection process for military spouses who are relocating as a result of their sponsor's PCS. Be certain you understand the guidelines for this preference PRIOR to applying with any federal agency since this
preference is given ONE time per relocation.

For Internal and External Candidates, you must now apply at USA JOBS

If you have questions, contact the Civilian Personnel Office at 676-6416.

Non-Appropriated Funds (NAF) Human Resources
NAF Human Resources is co-located with the Civilian Personnel Office in Building
833. Contact number 676-3524. To find out about job openings:
- Visit the new USAFE automated website at http://www.nafjobs.org
- Visit the HRO Office in Building 833
- Job opportunities & applications are available at http://39fss.com/hro.html
- A&FRC Computer Resource Room. Logon to Employment Resource computer and
click on desktop folder "Current Job Openings"
*Per the SOFA Agreement, NAF can only hire dependents that are American citizens or dependents that are citizens of NATO countries, excluding Turkey. Certain conditions apply. Contact FSS Human Resources for more information.